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  1. My favorite moment is the helicopter scene at the end of the first game. As a kid, I was scared to watch my mom play RE. I would cover my eyes but peak here and there. Sure, I was terrified, but I found myself fascinated by the gameplay. As I got older I finally got to play it for myself. After all those years of being scared of Resident Evil, I finally reached the helicopter scene. At that moment all I could think was "I conquered one of my childhood fears."

  2. Favorite RE moment is in RE4 when leon fights krauser/laser room. Honorable mentions: REDC the mansion dialogue scene. And RE4 mutated croc boss fight.

  3. -“You lose big guy”-Claire
    -“You want starz I’ll give you stars”-Jill
    -Leon vs Krauser (knife & boss)
    -Anything Wesker did in 5

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