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  1. This was one of the stupidest things I heard these days! Controlling language, stories, games, movies to fulfill our ideologies?? Isn't that the same things autocratic dictatorships do to their media? What the hell!!!! That's not being supportive of LGBT! That's more like fooling people!

  2. That’s the most ridiculous thing to make an apology about. It’s a bloody game. With a story. Are they going to complain about ends to books or movies or songs next. Folk need to get a sense of proportion.

  3. Oh my god are you serious. Do I have to apologise to everyone now Because I’m a heterosexual. WTF?
    “Oh please god we are ready for the Apocalypse now…. anytime would be great”

  4. There's no need to apologise for such a thing. The fact that the main character of the story now has a child was a development decision and will be used to further develop the main character. From a story telling standpoint, it was a good decision

  5. Criticizing a game that heavily emphasises giving the player the choice on their character's actions and personality suddenly taking that choice away from the player seems like a completely reasonable point to make if you just calmly talk about it instead of accusing everyone of being "triggered by heterosexual relationships." This is just another example of a videogame developer promising player choice but then falling short of it when trying to implement it into their own narrative. It happens, people criticize it, but people responding to the criticism are overreacting to a straw man argument.

  6. People are so freaking over the top. This isn’t their story. It’s not like the game is called “you” and the writer is telling them what to do. It’s a freaking fictional character…

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