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  1. LOL I just unlocked everything after hours and hours of playing. I bought the Thrusmaster hotas 4 stick and now my wrist is destroyed ?
    This game is just amazing, I’ve been playing this series for 10 years back on my psp.
    I really like the multiplayer too, the game is very well balanced, having the last planes with max upgrades isn’t overpowered , since every plane has it’s own special weapon , every plane has a chance against any other depending on the situation.
    Overall I think it’s an amazing game and I think I will buy the psvr for the VR missions !

  2. The worst part of this game is when you have large amounts of enemies cluttering the screen you cant see shit. It is impossible to tell what you are targeting and whether you have look because the icons on the HUD are so damn bright and the lock indicator gets lost in the blur. They should add the ability to change the brightness and color of these icons. would be nice to be able to pick a color that contrasts better than the default settings.

  3. I doubt it could hold anyone's attention for very long. I played the older titles but I wasn't online back then. Nowadays people need more to be entertained for longer periods of time.

  4. This game is good…if your a ace combat fan you will feel right at home, they did alot of things right making this game and they realy did a great job with the multiplayer love that ! BuT there are a few things missing like to be able to pick jets for quad mates, also the story is a bit weak and alot of jets are missing….dlc maybe?

  5. Would be interesting with patch updates for small tweaks and fixes if they can improve the gameplay. Its perfect but as said would be nice to have more checkpoints and everyone says the later stages get harder and harder so can hope that improves. Possibly also for money, unlocks, getting s rank being less tougher on some levels. Would love some real world squad markings on these jets to customize our jets

  6. Good review I agree 100% with the sparse checkpoint comment , It does get very frustrating having to go through almost a entire mission to get to a checkpoint to restart from .

  7. I like it, this is what I remember playing as a kid, better graphics and better optimized, really good arcade airplane game. If you want a simulator try DCS.

  8. It's exactly the same at Ace Combat 6…fortunately, i loved 6 and i love this game too!

    The story and the made-up countries are shite though. But the gameplay is brilliant

  9. i remembered Ace Combat 2 & 3 are the sole reason i bought the PSX when i was 10 years old, then Ace Combat 4 & 5 for PS2 then Ace Combat 6 for Xbox 360 over the PS3! aah the joy of playing this game is priceless for me, even after having a married life xD

  10. See that IGN? That's what an Ace Combat Review sounds like. Done by an actual fan of the series who's not afraid to point out the good and the bad. Not just compare t to last installment, which is frankly was not an Ace Combat worthy.

  11. Gotta love that politics are even over ramped in games with the whole women are better than men at everything campaign. Brown, tiny, fragile women. LOL

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