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  1. I don’t think the game needs to die but, honestly every season after 3 it gets just a bit worse. It’s been 4 seasons of constant cosmetics and map events and they barely touched the gun play, frame rate, and ping issues; not to mention implemented as many noob friendly items as possible. The game is great, but the decision making in the development team is what’s wrong. I’m going to play other games not because i hate fortnite, but because it’s no longer the game i enjoyed.

  2. The next fortnite event should be like the rocket launch or the crash of the meteorite.
    An event not so far from reality.

    Maybe some conspiracy or stuff like that or a group of people making secret bases on tilted towers

  3. Not gonna lie event was kinds weak and also…ice zombies…back? Already recycling an idea that wasnt popular in first place and what does it have to do with the ice king…the lore has and i fluid story have so much potential that they are misaing the ball with.

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