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  1. I feel for the uninformed who will pick this up and have their opinions of Vr damaged. Walmart would do better selling the different versions of the Vive and Rift on their website and setup hands-on displays at their stores.They most definitely can afford it.

  2. I hope people don't buy this and think it's all VR has to offer more people need to see true VR so the community will grow. I try to convince my online friends but they watch YouTube videos and don't understand the appeal. Problem is the experience is indescribable and impossible to show off without actually showing them. Need more stores having these set up

  3. So it's basically an HD equivalent of an Oculus DK1, with poor warping. lmao I guess at that price it's hard to complain, if you can't get anything else. I just hope it doesn't ruin VR for anyone.

  4. Honestly, for $30 even with the issues I feel like it would be worth it. Considering it comes withna controller and everything.

    I mean, I love my Vive, but for that cheap of a price it seems like a decent entry device.

  5. How is this the most expensive and highest resolution when the other $179 version is 2560*1440? Am I missing something?
    Directly from their page:
    "Full 360-degree VR immersion
    2560 x 1440 per-eye resolution
    5.5" Screen"

  6. Thanks for that interesting Review, Mike – and it raises an interesting question for me also, as I have succumbed to the "common?" Rift fault of my RIGHT headphone failing – and your LEFT earphone video fix doesn't work for this. But being out of warranty now, I just have to buy some dedicated headphones to have sound. But it made me wonder with such common talk of the Oculus Rift 2, that if you think of it in game terms, just like Farcry 1, 2, 3, 4 & now 5 as an example. So my point being that most common BIG games have updates such as 2.1…………. or 4.3.0 etc. So given how you said in this video that the lenses of this device have a higher resolution than the Rift (supposedly ; ). Then did you ever wonder yourself, why wouldn't you be able to buy – especially like in my case, as a "replacement" – a Rift 1.4 for example. So it's the same RIFT DESIGN, with maybe slightly upgraded headphone layout to combat a VERY common fault. Or say, the lenses being UPGRADED also with a new internal board, to improve the screen-door effect over the original. So what I am asking I guess, is does this OCULUS RIFT 1.5 make any serious sense to you as an expert in the field???

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