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  1. This is cheap not inexpensive. Yeah, you get the basics, but in bad quality. Other phones give the same or even more at a bit higher prices but they deliver high quality

  2. Fuck oneplus 6t. You need to use this. Because there are many YouTuber who reviewd the shit out of oneplus 6t. So review this very unpopular device because it needs the light of Truth.

  3. Daddy I want a phone!… Hear you go… Daddy I dropped it in the toilet.. ohh well… Here is another. I would say its a good first phone.

  4. Oh man which era r u in like if this phone launch in INDIA at same price nobody will even think about it even on their horrible dream

  5. I just saw some of the reviews for this particular phone and as it stands people are saying there is problems with file transfers and WiFi connection. Erm no thanks I think I'll stick with the pocophone. But still better than the IPHONE XR

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