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  1. Thanks Scottie. I posted this question on one of your 5G videos previously, thanks for advising.
    Fyi to anyone reading this, I did buy an ethernet dongle from Amazon for my Sony ZX2 and another for my partner's S7 edge and neither worked.
    I'm not home right now but I will try them again as I didn't try turning the WiFi on like you suggested, maybe that'll help. Once tested I'll update this comment but for now my experience suggests XZ2 and S7 edge is a non starter

  2. This is useful, thank you.

    Now all I need are instructions on how to prevent my cats chewing through the cable as they did the other day… ???

  3. Did you check, with an RF-Meter, if your tablet is not still emitting Wireless Radiation when plugged to ethernet cable. Just curious. You never know unless you check.

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