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  1. This is like identical to the leaked Claire gameplay, so it seems whoever you play as first is who goes in the store and sees the cop then, after, gets to the RPD fastest (and meets Marvin etc) and B Character spends more time on the streets – really interesting

  2. ¿Spoilers? No, thanks. I don't wanna miss my first impression. ?
    I will record a Let's Play for my channel. If you want to support me, you are welcome, guys. =)

    ¿Spoilers? No, gracias. No quiero perderme mi primera impresión. ?
    Grabaré un Let's Play para mi canal. Si quieres apoyarme, eres bienvenido. =)

  3. How this start videos play resident evil 2 ? We all of people are wait on Jan 24-25, 2019 but why start RE2 too early? People still wait ugh? No need show off post videos and wait little on Jan 24-25, 2019. Maybe North America already pass than south? [My opinion]. ??☹️?

  4. Hey don’t ruins it why this post videos that show off we want surprise buy resident evil 2 enjoy play start without know and soon on Jan 24-25, 2019 will be excited. Come on man too early smh ??‍♂️

  5. "When I was a kid,I used to think what kind of a man I will become when grow up….BUT…I NEVER THOUGHT MY LIFE WOULD TURN OUT THIS WAY"

    LEON S KENNEDY – Vendetta

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