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  1. First show which left me very dissatisfied and disappointed. Punisher was less like punisher this season. Jigsaw felt like a piece of cake but he got a gun so he is dangerous. Nobody in the show seems to die. They all got some super strength, Dumont not dead, Russo got 3 shots, didn't die so soon enough, ambulance crashed and driver still alive (just got a cough), punisher himself.

    In my opinion the first season felt more powerful and deep, the story line was great. This season was just like they had to make it so they made it something which they didn't focus on.

  2. I love the Punisher series. But there's one thing that bothers me. He can almost stand toe to toe with Daredevil, but in his own series he suddenly have difficulty fighting thugs.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks the second season was dreadful? It was dragged on so much. The writers really screwed it up for me. Shame really as i enjoyed the first one…

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