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  1. The tree shouldn't have shrink so much after the modern "generation 1" launched. VR is far more successful than it ever has been, and new headsets are continually being developed, and the market/industry is extremely competitive. All the Gen 1 headsets are selling very well.

    The only real slumber or "death" occurring is naysayers who think it should be growing faster than this. The number of VR users isn't dropping at all, nor VR developers, nor VR manufacturers; there should be no shrinking at all of the tree since those headsets launched. It's been only growth since then, and the growth has been faster than any other year before it by far. It's like looking at the last 60-70 years of global warming. The equivalent WW2 (with regards to climate change) is right now.

  2. Valve and HTC may have been working on VR before Lucky; or at least around the same time before Oculus got big. I don't know for sure though, but I thought it may have been like that.

  3. VR isn't dead, it's stuck. It doesn't have the correct funding or even the technology yet to improve, so we're caught in a waiting period. VR companies are doing the smartest thing they can while we wait. They are making easy to use, cheaper VR options and advertising them to the average consumer. People don't realize that these headsets are going to pave the way for VR in the future by expanding the audience while we wait for better technology and funding.

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