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  1. Before I begin watching this and proven wrong, there is now way you can explain the whole kingdom hearts timeline especially all the different versions of xehanort in only 12 minutes.

  2. Don't follow this guy's advice, Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far provides a better price for the content you're getting, or you can get All-In-One Deal that has every Kingdom Hearts, including 3 only on the PS4.

  3. They did a BAD job describing this game!!!!! Look for a difference source. Look if you are going to do a HALF-ASSED job just do NOT make the video and waste everyone time.

  4. For an expert he got a few things wrong. .2 was actually all taking place during KH1. It ends at the conclusion of KH1 as well. Remember Micky was looking for a specific keyblade to seal the door.

    Dream drop is probably one of the most important to play before KH3 comes out due to all the story of why 3 is even happening.

    I would also say that while recoded is ignorable, it is referenced in Dream Drop. That makes it possibly important to KH3.

  5. Here are the games you need to play/watch to understand Kingdom Hearts up to 3.
    1 Final Mix
    RE Chain of Memories
    2 Final Mix
    Birth By Sleep Final Mix
    Dream Drop Distance
    0.2 A fragmentary passage

    358/2 Days (from the 1.5 collection)
    Re: Coded (from the 2.5 collection)
    Unchained X (the X is pronounced key or chi)

  6. There is no such thing as skipping anything in Kingdom Hearts if you want to understand everything. Dont want to be negative but newcomers will still be clueless after watching this.
    The video that explains the whole series the best and most accurate is "Kingdom Hearts Story Summary – What You Need to Know to Play Kingdom Hearts 3! " on the channel "suggestive gaming."
    I hope this helps people. Luckily it has over 2 million views, so I know most will be filled in properly!

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