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  1. Both Bulma & Frieza have the same mindset: Bulma wants to be 5 years younger/ Frieza wants to be 5 cm taller.
    Frieza wants to join the Lakers
    Bulma wants to look like a Kardashian

  2. I JUST watched the Broly movie and when the scene where he was swinging Goku around Came on, I whispered: “Hulk Smash” to my friend next to me

  3. Sooo we aren't gonna even MENTION:
    Chirai: Hm? Wheres your saiyan armour?
    Broly: Too tight. Can't move.
    Chirai: Stretches out the chest part of her armour Cmon they ain't that bad?

  4. Watching Broly just pummel Frieza was great but if I had to choose one scene

    It was Bardock's goodbye to Goku/Kakarot…..that scene was arguably one of the most emotional scenes I witnessed in Dragonball

  5. Agree to disagree about number 2. I liked how intelligent Bardock was in the film but removing all his badass moments and turning him into Japanese Jor-El is NOT an improvement. Wasn't a fan of this retcon when Toriyama did it in the manga, still not a fan of it now

  6. I don't think he said "Call me Kakarot" as a reference to the KAKARROTTTTTT! I think he said that because Broly is a full blooded Saiyan like Vegeta. But maybe I'm wrong, that was at least my impression.

  7. IGN: meh movie was amazing but no reference to kale … so meh

    Everyone else: wow really IGN literally knows nothing about Dragonball?

    IGN: Did we mentioned how perfect this movie was ? Here’s several videos we will be releasing to retract our first review

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