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  1. So, I really love the idea, it's a powerful and interesting concept, but you could have executed it differently. In Cuckoo's Nest, they frame McMurphy's final standoff with Ratched as cowboys dueling at High Noon. Something like that, a metaphorical framing device for Dunn's last stand would have been awesome, and kind of what I was hoping for (Staple having superpowers was my first guess).

  2. It’s ridiculous to me that when this movie “subverts” expectations the critics throw a fit, but when Tlj does it they treat it like the most amazing thing in the world.

  3. ?Loved the trilogy and it couldn’t have ended better, firstly never saw it happening like that and how deep it was, man, so looking forward to M’s next project ❣️

  4. Your are correct MNS, in tens years I will remember how you killed David Dunn like a chump. Please ask him if he did any test screenings for fans of Unbreakable. I bet not.

  5. Movie was great!!! I guess ppl like seeing the same movie over and over… Glass said it’s not a comic they have limits idk what the haters were expecting ??‍♂️

  6. Should have ask…why the horde didn't just cover his eyes with his clothes or bedsheets and just smashed thru the fuckin door…duh.

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