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  1. Biggest thing that annoys me with IGN is the scoring system it's either a 7 or an 8 not a 7.4 or a 7.8 what the hell is the difference between a 7.8 and an 8? The .2 difference tells me NOTHING.

  2. You know, back in the old times of Video Game magazines, there was one main journalist for a game who wrote the article, but they had allways a group of them associated to the article who played and rated the game.
    Guess thats not cheap enaough nowadays.

  3. That's why them game journalists working at places like IGN lack credibility. They don't have a gamer soul and passion. They poke a game with a stick and if it didn't do something interesting immideately they rate it lower than it deserves. What a joke of an outlet.

  4. 1/10 keep politics out of the game and also where was all the feminism at? Must be made by misogynists. But also keep politics out of games. But also wheres the feminism? 1/10 – IGN

  5. Guys, it’s midnight and I have a massive coding project i have to get done by the end of tomorrow, why do you do this to me

    …oh ign being shit, guess i can make an exception this once

  6. Do we really blame them with all the shit games lately I mean I'll play less than half a game and be like F this I'm out. But seriously yea when reviewing games play the entire game I mean you only have one job play the game and write about it.

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