Bitcoin bull run ONLY if this happens

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These moving averages need to converge on the Bitcoin monthly chart for Bitcoin to see a bull rally. The 5-month and the 10-month moving averages on Bitcoin’s chart need to converge as they have in 2012 and 2015. Only then will Bitcoin see a bull rally.

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Will bitcoin recover in 2019?


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  1. Although the crypto space is still very much in the grips of a bear market, with smart trades and a well thought out strategy and subtle exploitations of market loopholes, you can always turn a considerable profit as have been proven by some traders, me inclusive. The technicality involved is knowing your entry point and also your exit point not a second later and this is where most traders fail including experts. I had this same problem and lost most trades while winning a few and I had to go back to the drawing board and do my research which led me to several online forums and youtube comment sections where I got to know about **Allan Shaw. I would urge you guys to contact him if you have any issues relating to trading crypto as his signals and strategies are off the chart. I trade better now and have turned out a very impressive profit margin ever since. You can reach him by allanshaw1820@gmailcom

  2. Btc will be 6400 in october 2019
    And how can we know that ?
    May 2020 is halving which rase production cost to 6400$.
    So this is were we are heading.
    4 years cycle is not a coinsidnce, its by design

  3. The whales slam the market around so dramatically that I have zero trust in technical analysis. I dont even try to predict this market anymore. I just buy every payday and go on with my life. I tried to trade years ago and it was a continuous s of series of comical disasters. I failed to buy bottoms, then bought the top of bull traps then kept waiting for the bottom only to have the price spike, leaving me behind. Finally I got sick of it and stopped. Many people exit the market entirely at that point but I'm convinced that bitcoin will change ge the world. That's why I changed my strategy and adopted the dollar cost averaging method. It's been very good to me. I took out all the money I ever put in back in 2017 when I paid off my house. The bitcoins I have now (while it not a huge sum) could easily grow to the point where I can retire 10 or 12 years early. That would be pretty awesome.

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