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  1. after farm simulator has it's competitive debut the Watch Paint Dry Simulator will start up it's competitive scene. imagine it…people watching people competitively  playing a game about watching paint dry…people will love it…

  2. Esports are ruining gaming. Not every esport has a league.

    Uhhg, More Disney Worship. Sorry sir, but no Kingdom hearts is not dark. Its Disneys imitation of dark, which is not dark at all. You hope punks are so blinded by the saccharine light off of your plague rat God that you have no clue what darkness looks like. Just because your vision is white does not mean you are not blind.

  3. MAG was an amazing game for it's time, also being the fact it's been the only game on console to support 256 players in a match. (On the PS3 no less) Talk about a great achievement for console gaming, to bad it never got the love it deserved.. I mean who doesn't want big ass battles 2&1/2x the size of your typical Battle Royal games with no micro-transaction bs? If only Sony would bring it back on the PS4.. ?

  4. I never saw the 8.8 review and don’t see why everyone hates on ign. They must have worked for them because ign is the only site that ever gives the same exact score I give games. Only one I can ever trust. Remember when Gears of war 4 got a 7 on every other site except IGN , they gave it the real score of 9

  5. I used to subscribe to IGN, but their reviews are kinda stupid. IGN Italy gave KH3 a 9 when IGN America gave it an 8.7. Huh?!! ALSO, If you are gonna review a game as complex as Kingdom Hearts at least have SOME knowledge of the series.

  6. I used to love u guys i even tried to accept that ashley dissapeared. But all ur stories u had today has been covered by others at least almost a day in advance your channel feels like it's a parrot now just repeating news i've heard from other sources. I would love if you guys get on the "bleeding edge" and not just repeat stuff.

  7. "upgraded from an 8.8 to a 9.0"

    LOL, this is absurd in two ways, or put another way, two levels:

    (1) What the hell is the difference? We aren't calculating GPAs here. Suggesting, ofc, that Daemon Hatfield didn't actually think the supposed "sameness" was a big deal. I mean, "bit of a bummer" suggests it wasn't a big deal.

    (2) Why are people getting upset after-the-fact (after the change of grade), for a difference that didn't amount to much?

  8. I can imagine now..
    Two tractors going up and down a field for 80 minutes at 15 MPH.

    The highlight of the match will be when one tractor turns slightly to much to the right for 5 seconds.

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