Is Bitcoin’s Downward Momentum Fading?

Bitcoin has been in a downtrend for some time with strong downward momentum. But what is the status of this downward momentum now? Is it fading? We look at the charts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


  1. ​ Alessio Rastani I notice you alway hedge your bets in your videos. In the end, really what you're saying is 50/50. That way if you're wrong you can always go back and say "we'll I did say"… You don't know what's happening with Bitcoin just like the rest of us. Otherwise you'd be so rich… you wouldn't need to peddle on youtube and have people pay you a subscription for your "predictions".

  2. Dear Allessio,

    I Appreciate your in-depth market analysis

    Recently I was looking at your older video called: Will Bitcoin Short Sellers Feel More Pain?

    I'm trying to get access to the bitcoin-usd – cboe futures exchange information

    Could you please advise me on how to access this information for myself

    Thanks in advance

  3. The intrinsic mining cost is a fundamental price support.
    If miners cannot sell a Bitcoin for the cost of producing that Bitcoin, then miners will cease operations.
    Shutting down mining operations will create an artificial supply shortage that hypothetically increases demand and prices.
    Therefore, if Bitcoin price falls significantly below (-15% or more downard) the intrinsic mining cost, then Bitcoin will fail.

  4. So your pulse signals don't mean anything is what you're saying LOL.

    "Uhh the pulse signals only change direction when momentum changes"
    What makes the direction of the pulse signals change?
    "Uhhhh a massive rally in either direction"
    Isn't that useless?
    "Uhhhh, it's a Lagging Indicator"
    Yeah – useless.

  5. Hej Alessio, what happened with the 4th and 5th waves from the Elliot waves on the BTC chart analysis? It is happening now! or what would you say? tks

  6. Holding can form part of a wider strategy, but it isn’t a strategy on its own, you need an exit point. The problem with Hold is similar to Buy The Dip; it implies that every dip or correction will come back. Further, Hodl can suck you into loading up on a coin when it spikes and leaves you stuck in a bad trade if it drops, tying up investment collateral while you wait for it to come back. You then may miss other opportunities or need to invest more money, potentially more money than you can’t afford to lose. This is the advantage in my experienced that trading has over hodling. My advice to hodlers is that XRP may not be as juicy as the hype makes you believe and you may or ay not lose your holdings. What i did to better my stand was get into a community of beginner and expert traders called the "Trade Partners" headed by Craig Parrish and his team where i receive daily signals and trade patterns/strategy which are so easy to use and has proved indispensable to me as a trader and has never failed me. His demo sessions are also awesome and i have made very good profit trading with Craig Parrish system. You can mail me on ( for his contact details if you would like to be a part of his emerging giant of traders.

  7. You are a nice guy… but you also, like al TA's, you end up with questoins and not with conclusions.
    "Will Bitcoin bounce off or will it break through the supportline?"
    With much respect, really because you seem a symphatetic guy, but you join the big groep of wizzards who look in the glass bulb but actually dont see anything for the future.

    Having said this, i do like your interpetation of the past in the graph.
    But for me it is not more than that.
    About the future it stays 50% chance it will go up, and 50% chance it will go down.

  8. now I got the same 21 EMA as you… but you didn't mention anything about that… I think it's playing with the 21EMA but should surpass, as within the small bullish pennant which could be a small jump upwards… I guess there is an overhead resistance from the top of BTC within the descending trendline from which BTC failed to break out on Oct 15 and Nov 14th… and now we are trading right under this trendline from Jan 7th… so I think right now pressure is high to move up towards 4.5K, if not back to 6K… I agree with a potential bounce from a double bottom at 3K… though a failure

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