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  1. What about people like me who played the game but didn't remember a single thing about it and this is a whole new game for us?

  2. Finished both campaigns today. I cant remember the last time I played a video game for 12 hours straight. Fantastic game, made me feel like I was 10 again

  3. I already finished Leon’s story and omg just in general the game so fun
    This was the first type of media that actually made me jump from my seat lol

  4. My only concern for now is the sales of this game. I hope it will break records so that capcom can officially announce RE3 remake. By the way, is there any Easter Eggs in R.P.D about Jill Valentine and Nemesis?

  5. I avoided the play throughs, the demo reveals pretty much everything re2 besides the 2 first trailers and this one because I want to experience the remake of re2 like I did with the re2 from 98. I bought the game today installed it on my ps4. I bought the deluxe edition. I'm at work but I get off at 10:30, I told my girlfriend and my son tonight I want to be left alone and play re2 remake all night for that experience once again. Lol I can't wait.

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