The Arab Supercars Invasion in London August 2017 Part 4

Supercars on the streets – Last weekend was awesome, still more arab cars are arriving, like this insane Cammo AMG 6×6, this combined with some ‘local’ supercars made up for quite some variation.

Enjoy the video!

Ferrari Laferrari, F12 TDF, 488GTB, Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan, Porsche GT3RS, AMG GTR, 6×6, Bentley Bentayga, Mclaren 650S, 675LT,…

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  1. Arabs purchase luxurious cars with their spare money but when their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are getting killed they don't want to support them. Dicks

  2. ياللي تكتبون تعليقات .. >>>> ممكن سؤال ؟؟ … ليه ما تسبون وتشتمون بعض في التعليقات ..
    يعني تسبون في بعض مثلاً تستخدمون عبارات ( يا كاثوليكي .. يا نازي ويا أرثوذكسي ..الخ) المهم سب في بعض وتتركون موضوع الفيديو والسيارات.. ليه ؟؟ كل التعليقات عن الفيديو واللي كاتب في الدقيقة كذا في سيارة كذا ويعلق على جزئيات بالمقطع .. >>> اللي أعرفه إن اليويتوب مهو كذا .. في مقطع وتكون التعليقات ليس لها أي علاقة بالمقطع . فقط سب وشتم .

  3. My friends have to learn some things about these madmen. Many of them did not pass primary school. They have obsession with special figures like on their cars. The price of a regular car may only be doubled for the plate. They often come to you with cars of your own making to boast about. They only know camel riding. The majority of these cars after the expiration of the lust of passengers can be found for sale and the number of kilometers does not exceed 10,000. The majority of the local population buy cars with soft installments for very, very long periods. Returns it to the shop after a few months on the pretext that it did not like and the shop has what was paid from the first installments of the car and becomes the owner outside the subject

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