Global Elites Scared of Bitcoin, Mock Taxes, & Other Anecdotes of Davos World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is on in Davos again. Blockchain not Bitcoin is on the agenda. Ripple and Ethereum are in town to represent crypto. Billionaires mock taxes.



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  1. I don’t understand why you should have to pay a higher percentage in taxes just because you earn more money. It doesn’t matter the amount of money someone has- a percentage effects everyone equally. We should all have to pay the same percent. Not steal from the rich and give to the lazy or financially inept. Jeff Bezos does a lot more for society than most of us, and we give him that money. Makes zero sense to turn around and say he’s greedy for not giving back $7 out of every $10. (And im not rich)

  2. Larky, the problem is NOT the amount of taxes raised, the issue is the MANAGEMENT of money by governments.
    Despite raising taxes left and right, they keep dumping taxpayers' monies into dead-end programmes/investments that bring nothing to the economy at large. Whether we are talking about gambling people's pension/social security contributions on the stockmarkets or initiating "social programmes" for the minorities/underprivileged designed to pay big bucks salaries to a new class of paperwork shifting managers, governments keep making unsustainable/deceptive choices for the sake of fattening their electorates of chosen fews.

    They follow the same narrative as the "war on drugs", "war on poverty" or any other big campaigns/slogans: the LONGER the problem persist, the MORE money can be sucked in to it, the EASIER people involved can reap allowances. It's a government cartel: no more, no less.

    As for the Davos crew, their talking has NEVER solved any problem, nor made any difference in the positive direction. It's all about networking and yapping about principles that most of them will never follow. Patronising the ordinary citizens is yet another way to assert their "superiority"…but they ain't fooling nobody. 🙂

  3. Bezos, Gates and Musk are all self made and thus poor examples to support your case. You want to take all their money and give it to politicians? You know, people who can't even keep the password to their email safe and couldn't write a computer program to save their lives? The money would all be gone in 10 years with nothing to show for it but another useless war somewhere and half a wall along the Mexican border.

    Or would you rather be vacationing on Mars with solar powered space ships built from materials mined from asteroids?

  4. Ending world hunger lol…. Nothing will ever end world hunger as long as the poorest people reproduce the fastest. They have to build a stable society with responsible people and a sustainable economy. Taxing the rich more will NEVER work. You are just putting the poor in a dependency instead of letting them forging their own future by cutting taxes and letting the economy live. You, sir have very little knowledge of economics. A shame for a crypto YouTuber. Take your AOC and f-off to Venezuela.

  5. Nice work one fella…!! The old system is dead and gone.The THIRD party entities that had the so call control are dying fast. Remember this matrix system is all about thought and the spoken word….!! Patience. The future looks amazing. If you don't believe me …..prove me wrong.

  6. Apriciate the videos. I do have an issue with BTC using so much energy. Even if it’s renewable energy, should we use it for BTC or any PoW system or should we use it for other things that need energy (trains, cars, homes, etc?).

  7. You are making a lot of assumption in this video about all rich people being bad/evil and not providing anything. You fail ton realize that Jeff Bezoz provides the service of cheap goods straight to your house which does benefit you AND arent we all working to become rich in the future like Bezoz? If you watch his interviews from the 90s he was just a regular guy like us with good idea and undersanding of technology network effects

  8. LOL at when you say only the rich are against a 70 percent marginal tax… no everyone is… and it would not just effect the rich as they are who employ most people currently

  9. Hi Lark, quick question. Can we in NZ buy crypto using or do we still have to use Caleb & Brown or Bitprime etc?? We'd have to somehow get British Pounds or Euros right?? 🙂

  10. Brad G only owns a tiny amount of BTC, as it will go up due to speculation only on next bull run. The reason people with common sense and professional knowledge like Blockchain and
    hate BTC, is that BTC is a useless, speculation, pump and dump coin that does not allow the Blockchain to be used to its full potential. BTC lacks efficiency in every sense and waste too much energy to mine. Furthermore, POW is a dying method and the future are products such as Cardano, EOS and XRP. BTC will still be good for a collector’s item as it has a famous name and it could be used by
    people that care about silly principals rather than the better technology and real life use case. One of the reasons the Whales control the market and hold it back is they know BTC is not capable of increasing, as it will crash and shows how shit it is again.

  11. Bang on Lark. Your two satoshis are always stimulating. What is it with the fans of gross inequalities of wealth and power in the comments? Stockholm syndrome. The trickie down story is pure ideology which obscures the trickle up design of the global economy and it's inherent instability .

  12. Taxes even tax in the super rich only gives more money to the corrupt least the super rich are creating jobs in the private sector.
    I want smaller governments and like Andreas antonopoulos says we need to starve the parasite of the money

  13. It's never for the rich. Regular people always get stuck with this shit. While they move money and homes offshore. THEY WILL NEVER PAY!!! STOP BEING FOOLS

  14. Can't agree with you on this topic Lark. If the tax rate rises to 70%, the rich simply leave the country because they can….and they take their money and the jobs they create with them. My boss at work started the company where I work 20 years ago. He earns well over 10 million per year now. He has created a company that has 330 employees. All the employees can now feed their family because he started this company. My boss has never been on welfare, never collected unemployment insurance, or any other government social assistance program. So please do not tell me that my boss does not "pay his fair share". He pays more than his fair share for what he gets from the government. I am very thankful that my boss started the company where I work and created all the wonderful benefits for his employees. If my bosses tax rate was 70% he would just leave my country and take his company with him, leaving the 330 employees without a job. Or if you would like a more extreme example, just look back at France in 2012 when President Holland created a 75% income tax on the reach. The rich simply left to Belgium or Switzerland. And football teams like PSG in Paris could not attract top talent which caused PSG to sink in the international playing field to a lower level. France ended up scrapping the 75% tax and returned it to 45%. In short, money motivates people, even the ultra rich. Tax the ultra rich, and they will simply leave. And for the little people like me, the best social program is a good job. Government can't give me a good job, only private industry can give me a good job which is driven by financial motivation, even for the ultra rich.

  15. Classic communism class warfare. Once you are done gutting the billionaire class, you will go after the Millionaire class. Then when there are no more john galts and businesses start shuttering, you will go after the middle class. Then you will point out that people live in other countries on a dollar a day and anyone who needs more than $5 a day is greedy. Especially when the govt provides the bread and points to the food pyramid as the officially sanctioned diet. "More?? You wan' mooooore?"

    Go read or watch atlas shrug and leave the billionaires alone.

  16. It's very simple on why taxes that high on any income level doesn't work. If I was living in a place that was going to start taxing me like that, I'd pack up my bags, my businesses, relocate and go be productive somewhere else!

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