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  1. Great video on your part for sure, but the study that was conduct had a major flaw that would be pointed out upon publication. The rats didn't know they were in VR. This matters because, we know that when humans play video games that a healthy mind can distinguish between real and fake which is why the claim that violent video games make humans violent has been debunked. It applies here as well since humans know they are in VR and when they are not and therefore treat the two differently.

  2. I got a oculus rift touch 2 days ago and when I take off the vr headset I feel dizzy and like I'm still in vr people said I'll get used to it and I get sleepy after useing it.

  3. It actually makes perfect sense that your brain functions differently in VR. In the real world you need your sense of motion to survive. In VR your brain sees you are in a dangerous position and if it reacts in the same was as it does in the real world you could get killed. If the brains didn't switch back to "normal" function afterwards you would have a problem.

  4. The question is: is it safe?
    I just bought Psvr and it's indeed an amazing experience, but my head has been hurting for the last few days. I'm not even a hardcore user….i have only played like one, two at most, hours a day.

  5. I used the RIFT yesterday for the first time and have felt motion sickness since. I woke up this morning with high levels of anxiety and I'm still feeling a bit right now. A few times today I've felt brief sharp pains in my head at various places. The blue LED light in my trucks speedometer flickers. Before the VR the light just annoyingly flickered, but after the VR the flickering made the speedometer appear like it's moving around the dashboard a bit, and it made me feel even more nauseous.

    The truck is a 2001 kenworth T300 if you'd like to Google an image of the speedometer I'm referring to.

    I'm certain the nausea/motion sickness, anxiety, and what feels like a fork poking me in the head was brought on by the RIFT. I'm searching the internet to see if others have been affected by VR and the answer is yes. I can't return it because I bought it nearly a year ago or whenever the pre orders were shipped, but I don't feel right about selling it to someone on eBay unless it's a Hillary supporter (because they're evil people, man, pure evil).

    Contact me if you worship Satan, I mean Hillary and I'll sell it to you for a good price. It was only used for a couple hours!

  6. When Yahoo chat, IMVU and SL 1st came to my attention I would spend up too and over 8 hours a day chatting in VRW. Then when I started to get back ache I convinced myself that spending my time in the VW's would be beneficial to my health.
    In Second Life I met many people that said the same thing about back ache. With some people I could understand their love for the VW's because they lost limbs or had some other form of disability.
    VR would be great if it was helping with the grown obesity rate. Instead VR lets you be lazy and put on the pounds.

  7. How long do you think it might take us to get immersive? As in our conscious and senses to co-align with virtual reality scenes.

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