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  1. These companies have to continue to manufacture phones as their chief way to make money; and I honestly believe that they think by hiking the prices that it imparts a sense of new, advanced tech. I think for several years, probably at least 5 or more, most phone offerings are more than enough for 95% of the users. What more can you possibly need when all people do is play candy crush, text and take selfies. I think the only real features that would even matter to the average user is storage (people always save tons of useless crap and narcissistic selfies) and a better camera perhaps. People he's not saying they are going to stop making smartphones-not sure where everyone is getting that. But I have been wondering when we are going to be taking it to the next evolutionary step. It appears no one can figure out where to take it next or what to do with what we have today. For the record, I have an iPhone 6S, I buy all mine used, and I'm always late to the party lol (former Pixel & Nexus 5 user – awesome phones actually)

  2. There's a still time for them to reach the saturation level that of laptops. The mobile tech is ever evolving with new display, though for next couple of years, they'll bank upon the 'AI' bandwagon.

  3. 2018 is the year apple began to die. The shit storm is hitting them hard right now. They won’t go out of business, but they’ll be shrinking and becoming more and more insignificant in the future.

    Their market cap was 1 trillion for a moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple drops to a 300 billion dollar market cap — perhaps lower.

  4. IMO no phone is worth to me at $900 plus. I can wait till the price drops. I m currently using an iPhone 6s plus just purchased last year and my wife a 6s. Saving us money buying both used in great condition from a seller who had recently purchased the then new iPhone X. I took both of the iPhones to Apple to have new $29 batteries installed before the end of last year. I plan on using the phones a year or two and will then do the same on newer iPhone models again.

  5. I had used my galaxy note 3 from nov 2013 till 3 months back, I've had to change and get myself a s8+ only because the 2nd spare battery of my note 3 had drastically deteriorated and i wasn't able to purchase proper original batteries as the phone is old and the manufacturing has declined. I still miss using ny note.

  6. I bought a Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro in October and it's only downfall is it doesn't support WiFi calling, apart from that,it does everything I want it to and more

  7. The market is already saturated (billion + devices). More phones than PCs. The same thing that happened to PC market is happening to phone market. The demographics of pricing has changed as well. Phone manufacutures realize today's phones are more powerful, have better battery and can last longer, so they compensate that raising the price of phone to $1000+. People realize this also, and don't switch. I haven't switched phones in 4 years. No need to.

  8. Spot on. iPhone 6 here.
    Now what we have to look out for is planned obsolescence through the software. They can brick any phone they choose past a certain model and force you to pay up. It’s coming.

  9. They are pricing me out of the flagship market with these new phones. I can't justify paying over $1400 for a phone. There aren't enough really needed new feagtures. Yeah thiere putting 4 or 5 cameras in them but what does anyone need that for really its just all glitter. I don't know where its going but Samsung is about to lose me and I never got excited about Aple.

  10. It’s not the END. It will always continue to move forward. I understand what you’re saying and agree that especially Apple continues to raise their prices. But look. It’s Not going to end ever. Because WE as a general society always crave THE LATEST AND THE GREATEST for various reasons. It has become an epidemic YES. And it will continue. Just like automobile manufactures continue to make newer models revamp models. It will ALWAYS BE THE LATEST AND THATS THE GREATEST for most buyers. PERIOD. Don’t get me wrong there have been times wheee I’ve thought. I’m going to get a flip phone and that’s that. But I can’t. I have everything on my smartphone. I can do anything anytime from the palm of my hand. So I would feel LITERALLY LOST. I’ll be honest with you. I hardly talk on my cell phone. It’s all typing back and forth. Researching, playing music, communicating with THE WORLD from anywhere I’m just with my smartphone. I can’t go back and truthfully I won’t and honestly neither will millions of people around the world. We rely on these devices nowadays more than ever. They have become an extension of our lives. And it’s OK. It’s really OK. Apple has brought out the iPhone XR reasonably priced with their latest software and in multiple colors. I mean this is not ever going to change. Technology will continue to move forward like our lives continue to move forward. NEVER LOOKING BACK. Why would you look back. Life only moves forward my friend and that’s that. Here we go again. And again and again. Just ? and go with the flow. Or get off the ban wagon and believe me no one will miss us. That’s the reality of life. ✌️

  11. Long time iPhone user , moved over to the dark side.. oneplus6 less than half the price of the iPhone, and better phone app round for daily use,. Work email , etc…won't be going back to Apple .

  12. I currently have an iPhone 6S Plus 128 Gb. Had it for two years now and do not plan to “upgrade” anytime soon.

    IMHO smartphones stopped being phones years ago. They are more handheld computers, or to use an old term “PalmTop”, than they are a phone.

    I am not going to pay a $1,000.00 plus for just a phone that is termed “smartphone”. That does not sound very smart.

    I might consider buying a handheld computer for that price. If these companies want to charge such high prices, they should consider rebranding them with a name that is more conducive to what they have now become.

  13. I’m still on 6S and have a 5S as a spare. They run the latest iOS flawlessly I see absolutely no reason to upgrade. I agree, Apple prices themselves out of the market.

  14. I’ve stopped buying the latest new phone since 2015 because of these points. There’s no need to upgrade, no incentive. I’m happy with my iPhone 7 in 2018. 2019 might upgrade to iPhone 8, but I don’t wanna pay anywhere close to $1,000 even if it’s subsidized.

  15. Echoes what I've been thinking these past few months smartphones are barely 10 years old and they've already plateaued. Feels like technology is in a slump. People just don't care or have no use for it?
    It's interesting that technology should be getting cheaper but it's more expensive because big brands and flagships are trying to grow simply by increasing revenue and profits from raising prices to counter slowing sales until they've greedily priced themselves out of the market of even the most loyal enthusiasts and die hard fanboys.

  16. It has nothing to do with the phones really. The phones are as good as the apps on them. When 5g comes in and quantum computers jump in the phone will be just a screen with some sensors.

  17. I think Smartphone era is out because it getting too expansion l had Samsung Galaxy S8+ went down to LG fortune 2 got it free from the network I'm with now

  18. Phone generally last as long as 9 years before App begin to outpaced them. My first Note still function but just started to not able to update gmap and youtube…
    I guess that's how smart phones reach their life cycle.

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