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  1. Im on the o2 network and they are now doing contracts up to 36 months and have a minimum term of 3 (if you can afford it). I used to upgrade each year but I am starting to agree with things, my Galaxy S9+ I love, it takes good pics, a fast processor and (in my opinion) best screen quailty on a smartphone. I do like the additional things like fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers. But I have come to realise it does what I want it to so I will upgrade in 2020

  2. Another youtuber who will get millions of subs and forgot me when he gets so big , nothing new here just some quality content and me getting no replies soon 🙁 and getting lost in comments

  3. So I would upgrade, but how do you justify the rising prices when there are more and more compromises? No headphone jack, stretching the screen out too far, fingerprint scanners on the back though that's turning around with in-display scanners, and making the phones so thin that you can't fit a big battery in it. Phones have had 3000mah batteries for years now. Why don't we have like 5000-8000mah batteries that can power these beasts for more than a day or two? Right, because "premium design" and higher prices are more important than function. How's that working out for you?

  4. I was forced to buy a new phone not long ago as my Sony xz premium died ? got an iPhone 8 Plus 256gb and I love it but there a lot I miss about android..

  5. Me: buy a Samsung flagship 4 to 6 months after they are released for the first time if I got the money. And but a 2-year-old iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy phones have large price drops. I used to be interested in a one plus phone(maybe the 6t), but the crazy drop in the note 9's price which was 100 to 150 dollars more at the most made me think that the OnePlus isn't as much value when the note 9 comes at this price now. So, I am focusing on saving up and getting the note 9. Most people shouldn't even but Oneplus. They should buy an old iPhone of the pocophone. But if you are in the US and want to buy a flagship killer phones from your carrier, like OxygenOS, or want speed/fast updates, then get the OnePlus. I try to use the most features I can out of my phone especially when I pay a significant amount for it and Samsung's UI and phones(in my opinion) do it for me.

  6. I use a samsung Galaxy A5 2016 since 2 and a half years now, I use my phone a lot but this A5 works ok in most situations. I have money to buy a new midrange phone but I just dont want to

  7. Most high end phones do last for a long time like 3-5yrs.Their performance could still keep up with the new ones, well not all but mostly the basic day to day tasks. My s4 would still be running today if i had not dropped and broke the screen panel. And bec. of todays insane prices, people tend to use their phones till the phone can no longer work and retire. And also most people do have a smartphone nowadays so thats another reason that fewer people buy smartphones.

  8. Great video, but i don't think you've given Samsung credit for the fact that they were the first company to introduce bezelless design into the market. And while your statement may be true that they've been doing the same thing for the past 2 years, they are already innovating with their s10, while apple did the same thing not for 2 years, but for 4 years before launching the iphone x.
    I know i sounded like a fanboy but just trying to say that what samsung did over the years is not so comparable to what apple did 😀

  9. I still use my Nexus 6. Screen, motherboard, and battery are all easy to replace regularly, and most people just think it's a pixel. Especially since my pixel 2 XL's screen was such a bummer

  10. Great video!, i am currently using a LG Nexus 5 32 GB Variant, i brought it in Feb of 2017 (Released in Nov 20 2013 In India) after around 3 Years 2 month for it's initial release, the model i got was new and shipped here in India in late 2015.

    so how was my experience using a 3 year old phone another 2 years now? one word "Great", i had never used stock android before this and was surprised how well a 800 Series processor by qualcomm (SD 800 here at 2.23 GHz all 4 cores) can perform, by installing limited apps and cleaning Cached data can really help you keep your phone zippy.

    so should you buy a used or old smartphone?, yes go for stock android flagships like pixel or nexus lines they can give enough performance and can be used as daily driver, or buy a pocophone and custom ROM it with stock ROM like pixel experience etc, it will give you great performance for next 3-4 years with ease.

  11. Not to mention that midrange devices are getting so good.
    There's more exciting changes going on in midrange phones and you can see more changes in mid range phones coming out every year.

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