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  1. With those nodes It's impossible to stop a covert operation funding its self via Bitcoin in an enemy nation without destroying the satellite or jamming the airwaves.

  2. Samsungs entry into the crypto space is HUGE! Not so much because of their popularity but because it forces the talk of crypto into the mouths of those who normally wouldn't give it a second glance.

  3. TMI, is by far the best crypto youtuber! please never shill a paid private group liike others are doing, you will be rewarded for nott goiing allong with the herd!

  4. They invented the actual digital processors for digital cameras sat on it, then sold the patent to Fuiji and said it would never take off…they also invented the microwave, OLED leds….many others but sold patents lol they were Rochester NY 65k employees at peak now 2300

  5. Not XRP shillin' but it make sense that they could take XRP as tax payments. but then the gov will know who has what wallets.. idk if i would send them crypto..

  6. Here in Atlantic Canada, the number of people into crypto (that I know of) are few and far between. Since the price collapse 1 year ago, for the average person, it seems like crypto is forgotten.

  7. My 8 year old was watching cartoons this morning and a "Craig of the creek" character yelled "What do you mean do don't take Bitcoin?" I laughed and realized this is the 2nd time this week I heard Bitcoin in a kid's show/movie. Goosebumps 2 has a mention of Bitcoin and miners

  8. Tech Data:

    – Block Time : 64 sec (
    – Segwit (Q1 2019)
    – Lightning Network
    – Atomic+Eromic SWAP
    – PoS V3.0e (security patch done)
    — MN ( implemented but not activated)
    – Block Size : 10MB
    – Block getheader ( for header synch before blocks )
    – TPS 800

    – ElectraPay is a fast, easy to use, secure, and inexpensive payment processing solution. ElectraPay is an alternative for consumers and merchants to the traditional use of credit and debit cards.
    – Cashout possible via: PoS ATM, DebitCard and directly in EUR via Exchange

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