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  1. Back in 2002 we started with 128kbps cable modem internet … every k/s mattered, as even E-mails wouldn't load if two people were downloading simultaneously… we tried all kinds of tricks to try to improve QOS, and failed … as proper routers were too expensive… Today I have 10USD/mo Gigabit fiber in my house, divided between 2 smart TVs, 5 smartphones, 3 computers …etc. with a 10USD Gigabit unmanaged switch and a 7USD 100Mbps Wi-fi router … no problems at all and everything is plug and play, no advanced settings anywhere…
    Long story short, as you said, new technologies solve a lot of problems, that they weren't even meant to solve.

  2. What are your thoughts about being able to monetize the feeds? I’m just a novice at this. I do agree that getting the platforms out of the way is the ultimate good thing. I’m a bit tired of all this “curating”.

  3. What you are talking about is huge if true. Really interesting. Do you think companies like Podbean understand the potential of this? BitTorrent would definitely be interested.

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