Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Pump To $5,800 Soon

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  1. I think we'll se the bull run in the middle or at the end of the year. I recently bought a coin called DeepOnion. I believe in this coin because this project has a promising future and this coin is also anonymous what is needed today. What do you think about anonymous coins ? Maybe you heard about DeepOnion ?

  2. Try looking at the 200 period moving average on the weekly. It depends on which timeframe you look at the 200MA. If you look at the 200 on the hourly time frame, price is currently at $3567 but if you look on the weekly timeframe it is around $3280 so to say that the 200MA is whatever you said it was totally depends on the trading timeframe!

  3. not sure what you guys are doing, but as far as I am concerned, I am accumulating, it is 15 months to next halving and this will be priced in, retail investors look only days ahead, but investors years ahead, so 2022 I will be millionaire.

  4. That prediction can't be accurate. $3200 is a low, its not the bottom, it hit a low around $3100, then shot back up to $4500 and stayed for a while. $3500 is sideways movement and I don't think $3200 is scary to anyone right now. If it drops to $2900-$2800 I think we could see a spike up toward $4000+, but I'm confident we'd need at least $2900 first.

  5. Many other chart reader videos on YouTube stated that an uptrend usually is not a "V" (to that 5,800 level mentioned here) and if so, I suspect that it would be only temporary and be followed by a downward move and maybe then a slow, slow line progressing to the next positive uptrend.

  6. On the red chart, both bull trap and bear trap are marked on the lower points of a correction, and that cannot be right.
    The bear trap is correcty put, but the bull trap should be where the "return to normal " sign is
    Second the chart itself has logic issues because of mixing things up. Bull/bear trap are patterns in tehnical analisys, while enthusiasm and dispair, are human emotions(psihology is part of TA but you wont see charts with fib retracements and an emotion written on the retrace itself…) . And "take off" would be just a chart observation, neither TA or emotion, or i am not aware of it

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