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  1. The Honour 20 is using a LCD hole punch display…..a rumour is going around that Samsung are they only company to make a hole punch display with a OLED. Huwaii is leaps and sounds ahead with its camera hardware but Samsung is leaps ahead with its display technology.

  2. If the cheaper s10 has a flat display of rather get that. I have an s9 plus and I can't stand the curved display. It sucks with cases, I'm constantly touching the curved sides of the screen by accident, and I don't like content looks with it either. I'd rather have a bezel than the curve

  3. I looking forward to the new Samsung Note if the line will continue to be developed… Folding phone is just a gimmick to me same with 5G since 5G networks are not widely available.

  4. I personally am looking forward to the S10 and OP7, especially the OP7 prices as I can understand they keep going up year on year, but it is more of a premium mid range rather than just a mid range phone

  5. Imho, foldable phones are one of the dumbest ideas in tech history. Totally unnecessary and stupid.
    I would be super excited for a new battery technology though.

    All of these companies want to introduce super futuristic features while batteries are stuck in 2008…

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