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  1. As much as I wanted this game, lack of English dialogue puts me off. Considering persona is all about bonds and the witty exchanges, that's where the humour comes from too. It's a shame as throwing some of the greatest characters together could have made for a greater experience than the first.

  2. NO english dub!! Yes, this won't have english dub and we'll get the superior Japanese voice acting. I was worried this was going to be eng. dub only since I don't think the 3DS cartridge has space enough for dual audio. I'm happy to know that atlususa still can manage to make great decisions and just completely cut the english voice acting by not bothering to dub it^_^ Now I'll definitely buy this since I now know I'm getting the dub I want to hear<3

  3. What point is there in specifying "English" when the opening is the exact same as the Japanese one? Infact, what's the point of uploading this when we had access to PQ2's opening for months now?

  4. Seriously guys as much as I would like P5 on switch I really don't see it happening. Just because a game is popular doesn't automatically mean it's coming to switch, the begging needs to stop.

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