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This week we discuss these questions:

1) “What are the most important factors for Assets growing in value?” – Blue Fig

2) “How can you trust the ‘Smart Money?'” – Juan Pablo Sanin

3) “What are the barriers to the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin?” – Asian Miracle

4) “How is Bitcoin different from Myspace, Netspace, and Mosaic?” – Nitzan Kazir

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  1. So many great questions it was hard to choose, but since I know nothing about trading I like Aaron Nappin's question.

  2. coinpilots:

    Hello I am just a guy from the netherlands  but here is my 2 cent about institutional money FORGET ABOUT IT


    they cannot join the game because btc is beyond their manipalative controling instruments   

    That is why btc will skip institutional step 

    The next step however is around the corner

    The black Swan is already born but not been spotted YET 

    Let me explain

    The world central banks are all connected but olso divided in different camps you have the BIG3 players and the 

    BIG5 dependants

    Controled by BIS via IMF

    Imagene all sitting around a table looking at btc their biggest thread But also their only salvation 

    BIG3 players

    London and the rotchields have the spider network 

    Usa and the arabs their petro dollar

    China and russia gods money

    Big 5 dependance




    South Amerika


    The dependent 5 are up til now controlled by big 3 

    and WHEN not IF the viat bullshit run its final course  

    More printing will happen the big 3 players will be defending their position and during that fight 

    South Amerika will be the first that ambrace btc out off NEED

    And than the shit will hit the fan and every country  with some wealth LEFT  will be jumping on the reamaining scraps off btc

    If you agree 

    copyPAYst IT  FORWARD

  3. Mass adoption never happen, Crypto market is another Las Vegas, with approximately One billion dollars stolen in 2018, alone , just a great roller coaster, that everyone wants to experience, in the end you get off where you started. Master Card, Visa, American express, Western Union, PayPal, and large structured banking conducting safe and traceable wire transfers globally each day safely, with limited theft, but with satisfied structured legal recourse for protection of both parties of a transaction, these structured financial institutions are learning and benefiting from Crypto ideas, and blockchain technology, they are not deer caught in headlights they are adopting, developing, and learning watching the amateurs early mistakes , they are not going to give up their production plants and bakeries, they are not going to give up their PIE , but they are learning and investing for their future protection, hiring MIT graduates , all very powerful with large capital for continuous survival without interruption SEC wants nothing to do with this market , because of its current large scale volatility, including the large scale thievery always look forward to your videos. You are up there in YouTube land, , your knowledge and presentations , teaching methods are crystal clear, and satisfying nothing pretentious about you, thanks for your time and effort. Thanks for mentioning e-Gold Ltd.

  4. What is your opinion on market manipulations. Specifically bitcoin. Do you think banks are indeed pushing prices down and acumulating at lower prices in an attempt to control supply?

  5. Question: Do you think governments will go after crypto once it gets more adoption? What can they actually do? Thx for the great content!

  6. Do you believe it’s better to hold (hodl) or learn to trade crypto? I’m willing to hold for years but realise in hindsight I could have accumulated much more. At the time the uncertainty put me off trading.

  7. First, if referring to Bitcoin BTC as "Bitcoin", the answer is, SegWit, RBF and small blocks… that's what's preventing it, that shit just can't scale, and it was done so on purpose by Core devs who work for Blockstream corporation that is funded (and therefore controlled) by bankers. Everyone in crypto space SHOULD KNOW THIS ALREADY.

    As for the actual Bitcoin SYSTEM, which is now in Bitcoin SV blockchain (BSV ticker), it already scaled better then anything else (current record in 103MB blocks) and all the artificial limits put into the code by the Core devs (who are crooks and work for the bankers to sabotage Bitcoin system and prevent it from being used, which should be OBVIOUS to anyone that understands Bitcoin system) are being removed one by one.

    Bitcoin is BSV, not that BTC CoreCoin SegWit crap.

  8. MONEY – regardless of what it is at the moment (FIAT, GOLD, SHELLS, or
    CRYPTO….) is simply an instrument of value. It's an idea that
    something has value, and by use of that instrument the value becomes

  9. Been watching all your videos by the way recently! Left a question on your most recent video (the one released after this). Your videos are class, keep it up.

  10. Thank you for sharing your mature considerations. I'm wondering about the deflationary relationship between the number of altcoins to bitcoin. Do you think the crypto space is at risk of collapsing under its own weight? Is that what we're currently seeing?

  11. My question is: In an ever green energy future and with energy costs going to zero, potentially, will bitcoin mining be cheaper thus decreasing the price overtime?
    Ty for your inputs

  12. BTC is not getting mass adoption as it swayed from the whitepaper and is trying to cheat the whole purpose Bitcoin BTC is not Bitcoin anymore

  13. Hello Mark. I have been watching your videos for quite a while now and I feel like asking this: Do you think that protests like the yellow vests could actually have a positive impact on the number of people who own crypto and how should you approach those protesters to get them to understand crypto and see through this bankster's captivity. People that I speak to have a really hard time understanding that for everytime the ECB prints more Euros, their own Euros lose value relative to goods and services but not so much to other Fiats as they are being printed at the speed of light too. Tysm for your time! Cheers!

  14. Question: When things starts to go down in traditional markets why would money flow into bitcoin and cryptos when there are other markets to protect your investments that follow inverse correlation with stocks. For example Bonds, Gold etc.?

  15. I have learnt a trading strategy that is providing me results for the short-mid term time frames but my question to you is what is the most effective way to study market cycles in the macro side of things (in particular from a TA point of view)?

    Love the content you produce and keep it up!

  16. Hey Mark, great content as usual
    I am just going to leave my Bitcoin address here to receive the prize. Would that be OK?

  17. Great video Mark! And thanks for choosing my MySpace question ☺️
    Where do I need to send you my BTC public address in order to receive the reward? Here in the comments? Thanks

  18. Question: How can we tell exactly how many people world wide actually own crypto currencies? What is the percentage and how fast is the crypto space growing?
    Sorry that was more than one question but they all basically the same.
    Thanks keep up the great work!

  19. What are your Top 5 Best Crypto Exchange Platforms that you use on a day to day basis? Also which exchange/exchanges do you recommend for beginners, mid-level traders, and pro's? Keep up the great content.

  20. Hey Mark great content as always. My question is why do you think there is a premium on "clean" Bitcoin? In your opinion is there a chance that governments will find a way to censor bitcoin addresses that are blacklisted for money laundering, etc?

  21. I respect your opinion – been investing in btc since March last year and learning all I can about the Bitcoin payment network; even run a full node. All I know is losses (on paper). Family thinks I've brainwashed myself and it's no longer a topic they want to discuss. Am I in a cult?

  22. What are your thoughts on proof of stake projects like EOS, ADA TRX compared to proof of work projects like BTC or ETH? In my opinion proof of work projects will be a thing of the past in the coming years due to the energy intensive nature, 51% attack vulnerability and environmental impact longterm.

  23. I don't feel like BTC has to remove money completely (like gold, it can settle in its 7trillion stability place) and those hundreds of trillions and potentially more assets can find their own currency (also ERC-20 token?) to be used in their own way. Moving away from fiat isn't necessarily 100% Bitcoin. For instance xrp is doing great job in removing swift as an instrument. What do you think?

  24. Thanks for a great video, Mark! As you previously said that Bitcoin is a first layer like gold need to be slower and more transactionwise expensive. Do you think that most of fancy alts in future will find usage for different kind of transactions (i.e smart fridges purchase products with iota, we sale our houses with 0x etc)? Thanks!

  25. In your videos you suggest having the next financial goal ready in the event that you attain a previous goal. With this strategy, is there an addictive quality to be concerned about? Where you become hyper focused on the next goal? Is that why the 'rich' appear solely focused on the next acquisition and forget to enjoy life?

  26. Salute to Mark Moss. I'm told that he has "strong hands". My grip strength is formidable as well. He makes learning about cryptocurrency and the investing mindset so easy to grasp. Derrick supports you 'sho 'nuff. Could you do a piece on ZRX in a future presentation?

  27. if you are using bitcoin, government can never ever know h ow much money you are using, it is impossible for them to verify, so no need to pay tax, but don't be dumb and buying expensive stuffs, and they will question how you get the money anyhow, you don't need to pay tax,

  28. We have a lot of blockchain companies that try to disrupt the current systems. How can they succeed when the market, example supply chain, is monopolized by a few big players? Even if they produce an awesome product, can't the big players just copy their solution since they have the funds?

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