$7000 ASIC Miner Mined $1000 Dollars in Bitcoin in a Month | Spondoolies SPx36 Profitability

Cryptocurrency mining is still profitable, however, profitability with mining varies BIG TIME depending on your mining hardware used!
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Over the last 41 days I mined over $1,100 dollars in Bitcoin which was automatically converted through Nicehash. This makes my taxes (US based) easier as the Spondoolies SPx36 is an x11 algorithm DASH miner, so it really on mines DASH Digital Cash. Personally, I am taking profits with my mining rigs because I do not think we have bottomed out yet in this bear market. Ultimately cryptocurrency mining is still profitable depending on which mining hardware you are using, what crypto coins you are mining, and what your electric rate is. This video is just one example of that using my personal mining info.

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Dash Digital Cash official website – http://voskco.in/dash
Copy and paste quick setup for Spondoolies SPx36 below

Spondoolies SPx36 settings / configuration mine Nicehash
Pool – stratum+tcp://x11.usa.nicehash.com:3336
Wallet – 1FN6ddxGrwS5yH3nJLBuwsLLruFmRzYCx9
Password – x

Spondoolies SPx36 settings to mine Dash X11
URL = stratum+tcp://dash.coinmine.pl:6099
Wallet = XpTt1nsjW1xt95WBZRyWciedDDBjgEctfD
Password = d=192

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  1. Spondoolies is an interesting name because its on old slang word thought to have derived from the Greek word spondylus which was a seashell that was used as currency. In the future we could have old currencies stuck on hard drives or no longer In use while we instantaneously transact using just our minds connected to our biological wallets. Love and appreciate the channel man. Peace p.s if I get lucky here is my eth address 0x9D9Ef3Db62e686946958C548C73AC4db8B0858C5.

  2. Seems like a great ROI. Particularly if we think crypto will rebound, which I think most of us do. You have got to have a shed/garage to run that thing though. I run 2 rigs with 16 cards in my office and while it has been comfortable lately at 1700 watts would be a big problem when its warmer out at the Spondoolie 4400 watts. My ETH address is 0x2489fc100ff0e745c3b13cc2a88e135ab901edf2. Thanks Vosk for your continued awesome coverage. I have been mining for just over a year now on 2 hanging rigs that you helped me build.

  3. wouldn't buy one of these if it where free.. The power consumption alone would eat my profits up. The money is in FPGAs like the New Obelisk miners anyway..

  4. I would only buy it around $2000 at this point. Not worth the risk at its current price!

    Ethereum address: 0xC5c507438324AC05B59f20C1d03EEF141676E21b

  5. You have to release only so many ASICS so that the difficulty dose not increase to much. Instead of taking advantage of your customer base. Not a capitalist way tho

  6. Whit all your experience , this is the best miner , or what's is the most profitable machine..?? Cheers and blessings..!! And are you holding or do you reinvest..

  7. Due to diminishing returns i think current daily rev times 90 days is all i would pay…. i have too many asic paper weights… 0x798213bef3bc1A0C00625D78e0D6e61c5e08E7A0

  8. If you buy, you will regret. New miners coming out and the network will be crazy again. Mining is done, just keep your money and see what the next future project will be. IMO

  9. I would be interested in purchasing one at the $4,000-$5,000 range. A bit more than just buying a single BTC, since it COULD bring in more than that, depending on hash rates, etc.

    I honestly don’t believe ASICs will be healthy for the crypto ecosystem in the long run, so thankfully many projects are leaning towards ASIC-resistant mining algorithms.

    Ooh, and Hello Mr Furry <0w0>

    ETH: 0x5be8a6315b9c0d002f67fDC77b2d5D4A898a7c0d

  10. Great review going all into mining as asic miners are really cheap with the current bear market and I have access to cheap industrial electricity rates!!
    ETH Address: 0xabcc0e9b72a9669fbd993ddb92f6f5aa274de44e

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