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BTC to $17,000? A survey of 150+ financial advisors certainly think so, and they are targeting that price point by December of 2023. This article from Bitcoinist outlines why they think bitcoin price could increase.

Bitcoin Price: Financial Advisors Targeting $17,571 in Dec 2023

My price guess:

Hamas has asked its supporters to donate Bitcoin due to other sanctions being imposed on them. Is this terrible for Bitcoin? Will it now be banned everywhere? Probably not.
Litecoin privacy video:

The Bitcoin lightning network continues to grow as capacity builds above 600 BTC/2 million dollars. The network has seen an increase in nodes, channels and volume – and in many cases the network is beating altcoins at their own game.

Lightning Network Reaches Marathon 600 BTC Capacity

CASA lightning node:

Wallet of Satoshi, lightning on mobile:

Blue Wallet, lightning on mobile:

Exchanges continue to prove how dangerous they are when it comes to storing funds there – the Cryptopia hacker is back! And apparently he still has access to the private keys because he just added $180K to his existing stack of $16 million of stolen funds. Get control of your private keys, people!

Hackers Just Stole Another $180K in Ether From Cryptopia Exchange

QuadrigaCX Canadian exchange offline:

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  1. What is an average of different advisors telling us actually? In my opinion it really says nothing.
    I will make you an prediction: >90% of these advisors will be wrong.

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