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  1. Oofff! Dickpunch for all the crazy xbots who have been hyping this game for the last 2 years! Ouch!. Oh that's right they've all moved on to hyping Xbox anaconda and how it's gonna choke the PS5 and it's already won next gen!!!
    Got 3 words……wait till E3….!!!!!!

  2. I'll take simply more crackdown. The world of video games is getting a bit too serious for my tastes, so it's refreshing to see a game such as crackdown 3

  3. THE GAMEPLAY LOOKS GREAT,I played and beat so many times crackdown 1 and 2,Im a massive fan there fun with coop play to taking down all the massive boss's, there is so much fun gameplay in the series,the music also is bad assail in all the game in fun,And u cant beat fun take away the visuals but give me extremely fun gameplay and u got my money.Its not always about visuals people.However tho the visuals for this game look like the best shelf shading video game visuals i ever seen,News flash borderlands use the SAME KIND OF VISUALS AND THAT GAME SOLD stop your bitching and just enjoy the game for what its going to be worth A FUN TIME .

  4. Okay when can I download in Apple store ? No seriously they took all this time and it still looks no offense terrible and the motions are not that cool. And Terry Cruise whyyyy he's so? But no hate hopefully they turn something around scrwany

  5. I'm not even mad, just disappointed. I think this game should have came out mid-last year with SoT and SoD because I felt this game was going to be in "lackluster 3" as I call it. Crackdown 3 is the end of old Xbox, new Xbox was shown last year at e3 and will continue e3 2019 and onwards. But really disappointed in this game. No hate really.

  6. Looks like Saints Row 3 with very little graphics upgrade!

    Straight trash! Watch how this game will blow up on sales just because we got nothing else to play on Xbox, so we buy trash like this.

  7. Ouch smh… come on MS you xan do better than this…you know you can. So frustrating when my main console is my xbo x.

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