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  1. This game is going to be a big flop

    The hype of the game died long time ago.

    Kinda wished they did not announce the game when it was not coming.

  2. As an Xbox fan boy, I can honestly say this looks really had. Its such a downgrade from what they showed originally with the city tech demo. This game has 5/10 written all over it

  3. It's Crackdown, the very definition of mediocrity. Crackdown 1 was cool. But it was mostly bought because it gave you access to the Halo 3 beta. The game itself was quite repetitive and the gunplay insulting, story didn't exist. Crackdown 2 was pretty much a remaster of the first game. Same town. Same mechanics. And Crackdown 3 seems to fit right in. It's a franchise where nobody knows what they actually want to be. A superhero game? A GTA clone? So it ends up being below average in everything. With a laughable frame rate (a game with traversal like this needs 60 fps). And to ship with three (3!!!) multiplayer maps after six years of development is … crazy. Feels like the multiplayer only exists so they can keep their cloud compute promises. And like IGN says, you play it for a few minutes and then you walk away. This game should have died years ago, and I say that as someone that 100 % completed the first game in the series.

  4. Glass breaks easily Microshit promised full destruction this is not what i expected this is set in glass city this is going straight in the trash you disappointing me again

  5. Advertised the multiplayer as a massive destructible environment, but the moment a demo is released, would you believe it, the matches are held in a “VR world”.. so basically, they can give all the buildings the most bland textures and geometry in order to reduce demand on the console’s performance, but as a result, it makes this game look horribly mediocre and bland.

  6. If the auto-lock was removed from multiplayer, I wouldn’t mind playing it but having everybody getting kills easily with the auto-lock just makes it less appealing to buy. They should’ve just stuck to campaign and co-op missions not pvp.

  7. How hard is it to make a fully destructible environment? Red Faction Guerilla did this same thing 10 damn years ago! But better. And on the last generation of consoles!

  8. Wow, I was looking forward to this game because of the destruction displayed in the demo like 3 years ago. This just looks lame, and sadly kind of expected…

  9. First game with cloud backing it up… Not perfect but its a start… Now call up DICE and get them started on the next BATTLEFIELD… By then cloud should be way better

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