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  1. Ign miss a homework note again.

    Family guy is a project that seth is trying to get removed. He's sick of working on it. Known fact look it up.

    In that you get the boundary point in the comedy.

  2. You described peter eating the cheeseburgers wrong in Mcstroke..he wasnt sad about his mustache it burnt off saving the own of mcburgertown so he got free burgers for life….why cant you do anything RIGHT IGN

  3. Maybe I'm weird, but I never considered someone selling his daughter as "hilarious". Great for the show's typical shock humor, but not that funny the second time around.

  4. My Top 10 favorite episodes. (I have not watched the last few seasons I have watched 1-12 tho)
    10. I Never Met the Dead Man
    9. Brian Does Hollywood
    8. Death Has a Shadow
    7. PTV
    6. Road to the Multiverse
    5. The Griffin Family History
    4. Brian & Stewie
    3. Wasted Talent
    2. E. Peterbus Unum
    1. Road to Rhode Island

  5. You certainly missed better and I don't agree would no.1, it's so subjective cause and family guy is great by a joke or certain scene and it's scattered all over the show except the last few seasons, I love the one when they're trapped in the mansion, family guy > the Simpsons

  6. I stopped watching family after the first 9 seasons. Ironically all top 10 episodes here are from the first 8 seasons. Wow. So the writing is just real bad now and never improved.

  7. Ah Jacki; the jewel of IGN.

    My fav episode has to be the Multiverse one.
    I mean, a parallel universe where everyone has to poop right just now?! Come on!! xD

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