The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 1

For the first episode of The Bitcoin Vision, Founding President of the bComm Association, nChain’s Jimmy Nguyen, comes to you from Seoul, South Korea, one of the hotbeds of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world. Seoul is the perfect place to talk about Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the rebirth of the original Bitcoin.

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  1. BSV will have to scale for BTC or die a slow miserable & painful death. BTC freight train has long ago left the station, its mass & motion (value & human wanna get some) can't be altered in the least by 'better mouse traps' or anything else! If BSV fails to scale for BTC many other projects will. The B-cash bones are still very stiff in the head, will they ever see the light??? It's going to take some time for sure!! These are the days….. BSVision or BSVersion.. lol.., sorry, couldn’t help myself. One thing's for sure, everything about BSV "marketing" has been a complete anti-marketing disaster – – painful to watch. SV's only option to get off the ground is start compiling BTC transactions to compete with SEGWIT dung, & Lighting Network 1960's dinosaur technology, like plying gigahertz ping-pong, it's truly a high-speed clusterfuck. LN expects trust over their clusterfuck no matter how long it takes, utter insanity.

    BSV is extremely good at making mass enemies while seeming completely clueless of this. The next time BTC's transaction malleability falls off a cliff and users (who refuse LN/SEGWIT bullshit) become desperately in need of reasonably fast and affordable transfers BSV could easily and completely redeem itself if only it would assume its true purpose in life. That's not looking very likely to happen especially under BSV's current "dictatorship". It's delusional, because Satoshi has a real good opportunity to show (actually try BSV out) the world what he's got, but as of now no one cares, and TIME is passing while a ton of other projects are gaining notice and love (value). For the few who understand BSV golden potential, it's an extremely sad situation indeed. It make ZERO difference how golden it's guaranteed to die without assuming its (very unknown) role as BTC's side chain. As TIME passes the view of this truth will become crystal clear.

    Another obvious takeaway assuming I'm correct about layered (cruciality of computational redundancy) side chains ''''ALWAYS''' being how 'digital matter' grows up – – of course I'm 100% correct. Then even the very best 'mouse trap' will need help becoming redundancy hardened. So even if Satoshi's fantastic dream of BSV dominance came true it's not possible to succeed as a mono. In other words: if BSV did actually takeover some day, it would have to be from within the layers of digital gold (BTC), not as competition from without, but proven competition from within. Otherwise, even if you were popular, you'd be far too vulnerable to "deep state" attack at that time, as by then, they would be certain of the digital hard money threat to their existence. Which leaks yet another takeaway: you guys better damn well stick together or you will be slaughtered! Computing is never prefect even if it's never attacked, but as you know it's always subject to attack. For hard money trust to be 'digitally' achieved there must be multiple vectors, channels, paths, etc..

  2. Omg this comment section is full of paid BTCSV (shit version) shills. How can you count yourself in the same team as fauxtoshi get real stop promoting this scammer coin.

  3. Wow, scam video, all about Bitcoin Shit Version from ahole wright trying to be the next rothschild federal reserve type system. Not gonna happen thief.

  4. Why not fix the developer tools page at the SV Node official site if you are serious about having a professional image? It literally reads "Java Script" rather than "JavaScript" and has broken links. That's the kind of thing that is really easy to fix if you are willing to optimize and professionalize, so why not do it? Do they not have editorial support staff?

  5. …have an inpreceptably tinier desk on ep2 & smaller still in ep3 & etc… if you end up having guests or something and they ask about the ridiculousness of the desk, ignore the issue ?

  6. BTC -> Banker's / Blockstream's / Core's SegWit/RBF/FloppyDisk shitcoin that they literally prevented from scaling, and same people are lying to people that Lightning is scaling of Bitcoin, which is 100% a lie. Not only Lightning is not scaling of Bitcoin, it is not even a L2 protocol as it doesn't actually use BTC blockchain to work (L2 data works embeded into L1 data and this is not the case with BTC & LN… LN does not use BTC to function, all BTC does is fund the LN system, same how you fund BTC network by buying BTC with Fiat… but people are too stupid to understand this.

    BCH -> what looked like a real Bitcoin system blockchain, an escape from hijacking of BTC, but turned out that Bitcoin ABC developers who control BCH code, are also crooks same as Bitcoin Core developers, and they also hijacked the BCH blockchain, making changes to the protocol of the BCH blockchain, that no longer matches the Bitcoin SYSTEM protocol… BCH is now just another shitcoin, just a bit better working shitcoin compared to BTC (as BTC is the worst performing shitcoin of them all… thanks to small blocks)

    BSV -> only blockchain that uses real Bitcoin SYSTEM protocol… its developers are slowly but surely removing all artificial limits that Bitcoin Core developers/crooks created… basically un-fuckening the code base so that Bitcoin goes back to original v0.1 which mr Satoshi Nakamoto himself quoted as "set in stone" (functionality wise).. and only thing that needs change is the bugs an optimizing the code, not changing the functionality.

    Bitcoin is BSV

  7. great work Jimmy, i was just saying earlier today how i wish there was an 'Everything BSV' like there is 'Everything EOS'
    both have a lot happening and it is hard to keep up with it, i find Everything EOS to be a good way to keep up each week…
    this looks like it will be the BSV version! 🙂

  8. This is so good Jimmy, I was trying to get my head around all the new changes, but, as a Granny, it is so hard to keep up with everything. Succinct and very helpful

  9. Yesss! Bring it weekly on sunday when roger is uploading the bch updates. Gonna be great to see on what chain more innovation is happening.

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