We Have Bottomed!? (According to Bitcoin Technical Analysis…)

We Have Bottomed! (According to Bitcoin Technical Analysis)

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  1. The bottom will always be until cryptocurrencies become really popular with the whole society. For purchases of goods or services, as on the ModulTrade marketplace

  2. You should check out Ethos brosephs. I cant wait til’ I can use their app instead of Coinbase? They are closing in on that fist gateway.

  3. its easy, wait for capitulation, its a bounce over 50% in less then a week. Then just buy weekly amounts until btc breaks 6k again, and then sell every week half of what you used to buy. You double your money and have 1/2 of the btc, you bought over the time frame equal to double the amount of time buying. Welcome to being a millionaire

  4. Meanwhile, Pundi X is actually doing transactions with XPOS and the Xwallet. Bitcoin transactions, and just about any other crypto once supported.

  5. Who going to buy when
    The one month moving average
    Stolen is double that of two weeks ago
    Stolen one month moving average over 200 million
    All ya cowboys never show the daily graph of stolen coin
    When it’s a major factor on the bears brain ?

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