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  1. The one thing that I liked most about Division 1 was its setting. And that's exactly the one thing they removed in this sequel. Now it just looks generic.

  2. in my opinion, the division 1 is fun after the progressive patch that ubisoft gave. But it's not a game that anybody will like because the style of the game that make in game enemies so spongy. I think the ppl that like the game are like it because the fun from the action that the game brings.

  3. The Division = best AI ever. Hey Rockstar&Blizzard devs – learn from Ubisoft and Massive how to make proper non scripted dynamic NPC.

  4. Looks the same. IGN is so weird. Crackdown 3 to much like crackdown need something new. Division 2 too much like division and i still enjoy the gameplay loop??? Chanel is a joke.

  5. As a games journalist/writer myself, the ambiguous and often useless phrase 'for better or worse' really needs to stop being used in previews/reviews. It says nothing, yet gets used far too often.

  6. Remember how cool The Division 1 seemed like in the old E3 trailer? And not even the second game could even be close to that. To me, this series is a disappointment as its finest. (But i had enjoyed the soundtrack and a little bit of the first one.)

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