Bitcoin Drops To 2800 In The Next Few Days (Altcoins Too)…What Do You Do? [+Cardano Update]

Bitcoin Is Breaking Down | Twitter Poll | Dash Video Paying For Chicken | Joe Rogan Talks Bitcoin With Killer Mike | Cardano App Available On Cell Phone

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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.


Isabel paying with Dash at Church’s Chicken in Caracas, Venezuela

BITCOIN’S march towards mass adoption is about to receive a major boost from Hollywood

BITCOIN’S march towards mass adoption is about to receive a major boost from Hollywood

Joe Rogan to Killer Mike (1:13:32 mark) “Bitcoin will become like dollar bills” — Crypto discussion starts aroound 1:12:00, Joe is def a bitcoin fan

Joe Rogan to Killer Mike (1:13:32 mark) "Bitcoin will become like dollar bills" — Crypto discussion starts aroound 1:12:00, Joe is def a bitcoin fan from Bitcoin

Yoroi – The Cardano Wallet

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  1. Thanks for the insight on ADA wallet…..been hoping for ledger solution but nothing on that front. I’m a big believer in crypto and will defo buy the double bottom / new low. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. I didn't HODL during the last bear market and it cost me a potential $100k in overall gains. I'm buying no matter what the price and will HODL until it pays off.

  3. – This is the first crypto-exchange with an automatic liquidity aggregator, provided with A2A technology, which can trade a huge amount of cryptocurrency pairs. Through it, a trader can buy or sell any cryptocurrency from the top 100 for any other one of his choice. In ad-dition, the stock is 100% owned by investors, and YOU can easily become one of them! 100% of the total profits of the exchange will be divided among all investors.

  4. and reading the comments here, sentiment is very very positive. And if sentiment is an accurate indicator, then perhaps there is still a long long way down to go (or at least a long long time for things to turn around). Of course no one knows the future, but right now we can see currently; sentiment looks very positive (now). All the crypto youtube channels and other social media names are still thriving, everyone is writing about buying more and holding. where is the anxiety, panic, capitulation, depression etc? none of it is in your poll or comments… things look more optimistic than anything else.

  5. i wonder, looking at your twitter poll results, with almost 90% of participants happy to hold/buy more, that the BTC market is no where near capitulation. isn't there a saying "the next cycle won't begin until the last bull sells"… something like that right? of course you probably don't need absolute capitulation for it all to turn around, but your poll results seem to be noting that sentiment is still very positive, regardless of the price.

  6. Even when bitcoin is not moving forward, You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 10BTC in two months, i So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 3Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout tradewithgihan @GMAIL. COM or via whatsapp: +1(914)200-7306 and thank me later

  7. so we hodl a bitcoin or 2 and big mining farms are cashing out every week and make money as they still mine on profit. I don't think hodl is smart. Smart thing is to use crypo currency for something not keep it under the mattress like a grandma.
    Respect to does who think bitcoin will hit 20 000$ ever again, I wish too. But there are so many projects with lower transaction fees and people use them more and more they are half of the market now. So it is simple bitcoin can reach up to 10 000$ ever again the rest is for alt coins

  8. People got a lot of attention on stuff that don't really interest in setting up a standard of living ,a friend of my introduced me to a investing manager who help me in guideline of being a good investor ,he introduced me to a investing manager Mr James comm he is a good and trusted manager ,on the 3 of January I invested $1500 and on the 12 I got a profit of 7300 no lost thanks to Mr James comm I really do appreciate your effort

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you… my speculative timeline & bottom call on Bitcoin ($2800) is getting close. Time will see if that Mid March surge will signal the upward spike to only fall one month later(income tax squeeze) loading the spring so tight it will look like a true launch only to correct and then slowly climb to say Hello to last years HIGH. THEN the filter down into Altcoins. That is when the Cha Ching will happen for those HODLers in those excellent projects with true purpose that survive this last bearish season over the last 10 months. The ultimate shakeout, survival of the strongest communities. Gold = where are many going? Physical Silver bullion coins are still my preferred choice for optimum profit over the next 2 years and "Oops" – break in case of emergency monetary value as it has been for many centuries past. Gold storage of wealth and silver for daily commerce. Yes even junk silver would be better than nada. Thanks. Keep the faith. We are still very early. Your insight will be rewarded in the near future. We are just 10 years in. Imagine in just ten more WTF the whole space will look like. Very Established worldwide my friends. Me in 2022 ???? ⏰ ?? ????? ? ? ???

  10. 2800 You all got a better price than me 🙂 I will just buy it and buy it and buy it some more…. at least in the short term. You get it cheaper than cheap… but right now any time is super cheap! $4600AUD wow.. tomorrow u can laugh at me but in 3 years I will laugh with you.

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