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  1. How about re-release of the first Titanfall game but this time it's on ALL platforms(PC,Xbone,PS4 and maybe Switch). More people need to experience the first game.

    Also an optional offline multiplayer bot mode should be added in so that players will be able to enjoy the multiplayer portion of the game without ever having to worry about any problems such as:
    – Low player populations
    – A terrible Internet connection
    – The severs inevitably shutting down in the near future resulting in the game becoming literally unplayable

  2. Lol these people asking for TF3, bet only like 40% actually going to buy it. Don’t get me wrong I love the Titanfall series, it just doesn’t get enough support by these people that want TF3

  3. Wish more games on PC we're optimized like titianfall 2.. adaptive resolution scaling to achieve the exact fps you want. I can play on native 2160p and the game might drop to 1900p etc to maintain 60fps. Just really smooth.. thier is a v-sync option that locks fps and gets rid of screen tearing with no input lag. Similar to g-sync. It even has adaptive super sampling

  4. If the new Titanfall that Respawn is talking about is TF3, then y’all had better support it unlike how most of you didn’t support TF2.

  5. Lol just last night ign was announcing "titan fall" is not in the works…. Now its "its coming"…. Im convinced ign has has no real journalism skills, just a bunch of place holders.

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