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  1. I wish people knew about all this history behind Alita, her strength, her journey, yet the internet couldn’t get past her eyes.

    Alita deserves this movie and while a sequel seems unlikely, I hope there’s renewed interest in the franchise.

  2. i wont say its the best film of 2019 (i could be wrong), but it definitely wasn't garbage. i enjoyed it..smiling the entire screen time watching ALITA's adorable anime-eyes-brought-to-life and her daughter/father relationship with Ido. I definitely want a sequel considering the amount of even more badass villains up in Zalem. i gave it 8/10

  3. 20 years? Yep it certainly feels like they've been promoting it for that long. This is a joke comment, please don't start yelling at me about the manga and all that. Seriously though, they've been promoting this forever.

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