Bitcoin DOOM Initiated?! February 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. Hey Krown, the one thing I noticed when I started looking at crypto charts was that most coins and in fact, most things related to crypto i.e. google searches, youtube views on crypto related content, etc, all followed the parabolic run up and subsequent fall. Is there truly any value in trying to analyze those coins as they appear to be coupled to whatever bitcoin does? And what does that say about the market as a whole. I mean, if the nominal price of bitcoin is based on wash traded volume then one might think the whole goddamn sector is based on lies. In essence, take out all the bullshit and what is bitcoins true value and my guess is that most of the alt coins are worth close to nothing.

  2. Hi, Great review, I am fairly new to Bitcoin and after making a very bad trade, I understood that I need to learn more about trading and how to trade before I start playing with whatever left of my savings, I appreciate if you kindly would tell me how I can develop my knowledge and what are the resources available for that. Also how can I join your discord channel?

  3. Good video man, if xrp does drop to mid teens you should pick some up they have a lot of room to grow (going to have a xrp partner run a test on swift in September)

  4. Hey Krown thanks for the TA. I was following Crypto Zombie until September last year…. with all the respect, I understand he gives you more followers BUT he and some other "reputable" YouTubers have cause me a -80% ish of my portfolio as a noob who started in January 2018!! I have actually waited until mid March to invest and…. that was the time when ALL and I mean ALL those YouTubers where calling things like ZIL NEO VEN NANO …… a steal!!! A STEAL!!!!! I recall particularly Zombie calling ICON as The Korean ETH when it was about 3$…. look what happened to it. Nobody was ever talking about market cycles and the risk of investing in shit coins who historically are more used to retrace to a 90% ish of their ath! So man… F**K Zombie and F***K all others YouTubers who talks about fundamentals letting noobs getting excited and get theirs thumbs up by getting rekt!!!!

  5. Got here late tonight…I was dehydrating and canning food…dehydrating lots of ground beef while drinking plenty of coffee..Love your video as always! Trying to do a lot of reading on everything you're so great at. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Krown, SIr. Another great video and really helpful to get further insights into the way institutions consider the market, from a traders perspective. Do you think it feasible for the larger funds (grayscale etc) to 'paint' the capitulation event, then distribute once everyone thinks it has happened?……….., only to force a further capitulation some time thereafter? I appreciate almost anything is possible, but am curious if that level of magnitude can be faked. Thoughts welcome.

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