Twitter CEO supports Bitcoin & Lightning Network!!! (+LN LIVE DEMO)

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  1. If we want to start a movement we need to start by accepting only cryptocurrencies at the local level when buying and selling on craigslist,offer up, or letgo.stop accepting fiat

  2. Fungibility is the next crucial step after scalability. Hoping to see a mimble-wimble soft fork which will reduce the size of Bitcoin core while improving fungibility, anonymity, and bitcoin core scalability.

  3. Sunny , i am old subs to your channel. But today i found ABRA. someting like coinbase or similiar. Can you dig a little bit and make a video about it. It looks like a scam, but not sure. waiting for response… Keep doing great videos

  4. Awesome! Twitter is going places by betting on the obvious choice Bitcoin! Meanwhile those poor idiots from FB and their "facecoin" or wtf they call it are probably gonna get "invited" to Congress hearings. And what about xrp? Who knows, maybe the banks and the Swift mafia will decide to dip the xrp hodlers in GOLD… Technology matters–BTC is the way to go.

  5. I really like SmartCash… if you invest today (7. Feb. 19) about 1k in SMART, and this coin will rise up like in the end of dez. 2017, you will multiplicate your 1k investment about 213x … Check SmartCash… maybe you also loose all 🙂 i dont know.. but im about 5% with my portfolio in SMART. @Sunny, es wär cool falls mal de Coin chönntisch scanne und dini "due dilligence" mache und somit Dini Meinig dazue gisch.. "Fundamentals" wie Du immer seisch sind "ok".. ich gsehs meh als high risk Investment.. greetings

  6. @SunnyDecree The problem is that the SECURITY and IMMUTABILITY of bitcoin is not in place until you settle the transactions on the channel, which is then just a regular old bitcoin (slow and expensive) transaction.

    It’s basically like attaching an insecure ALT COIN network on the side. Maybe that’s good enough, but… I’m not convinced.

  7. Always Wise and Honnest point of news!
    My salt: as of Now, LN is recommended for microTXs as even already proven Safe, LN is still a young solution.
    I believe LN will be recognized safe and able proceed up to $10'000 value TXs very soon.
    Could be used to pay about any online order, to book a room or a flight ticket, or a seat at the movie or a meal at a Restaurant as my Swiss Restaurant in Kampot, Cambodia (CasaNode will arrive in a couple weeks… available)
    BTC onchainTXs will be used to buy a new car, a diamond or a house.

  8. Sunny people like you make everyone in the crypto space look like a gathering of idiots. I dont own any bitcoin cash but when your argument about it being faster is who cares no one is using it you embarass yourself and your viewers too better quit acting like blind sheep because if retail investors ever comeback and start watching youtube videos about crypto they will just run away thinking its a circus. Ι beg you and other youtubers like yourself quit acting like 5 year olds you embarass everyone in the crypto space.

  9. @sunnydecree Can you please tell me that how much download and upload internet speed is required for running casa node on our home internet connection, because someone is told me that constant internet downloading and uploading plus stating public ip is required for running casa node? [can you plz help me out]??

  10. Ill help you understand sunny ,all these people clinging to alt coins forgot so long ago how much they lost ,an cung to it an forgot an then became defensive over baggs that owe them all the money they could spare, i to lost a fortune but moved on an tried to learn how to trade an still hold shit coins but i moved on there can only be one ….now i only use coins to try increase my btc

  11. Oh, and I remember you were shilling Bitconnect in 2017 😀 So I am not gonna listen to your covered financial advice. This is just because you are getting a bit arrogant.

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