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  1. blackout on black ops 4 shouldn't be free but maybe in a year when it slows down and they release new maps maybe make only the original map free to play

  2. I feel like BO2 and MW3 are truly the last o it's kind. IW was pushing to make a decade of advancement in MW but they were on an extremely tight time budget in terms of being a large scale triple A game built from scratch

  3. If I know anything about marketing, especially from a CoD developer. They are taking the loss and putting out next year's cash cow label.

  4. No. Cod sold incredibly well. At best they will have deep sales if the player Base drops. They also could split black out off like on Pc. You can buy it for 50% off without zombies on there.

  5. I own blackout, legit didn’t play more then a couple hours, cool concepts but pretty stale gameplay. Apex is pretty addicting

  6. Blackout is fortnite-tier trash, im actually impressed by how much time it managed to last, but hey, more kids playing trash battle royales = less kids on decent and mature games.

  7. Seeing how blackout is a selling point for black ops 4 I’d say no and to think removing blackout from the selling point of black out 4 will help cod at all is not great thinking as they need blackout to sell cod to more people as the core gameplay of cod isn’t super amazingly great where blackout is what you write home about

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