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  1. I subscribed about six months ago and each and every single upload NEVER disappoints. I've never loved a Youtuber's content so much as I love Joinen's. This video was too much 😂

  2. Legend has it, if you say something nice to Joinen and if you are a subscriber to him, he will pin your comment! And maybe put you on his wall door….

    You are so funny and my favourite youtuber!

    Let's see if the legend is real

  3. Honestly, all these people saying "phones/video games/other devices are horrible kids are obsessed lul" piss me off. Without my xbox, I never would have met my current boyfriend. Im in the longest, and happiest relationship ive ever been in. We text everyday, and video chat a lot. We met on Overwatch, and honestly, Overwatch will have a special place in my heart forever for letting me meet such a wonderful man ♥

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