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  1. Lost all interest when I found out about the RPG stuff. Now you can shoot someone in the face and it'll barely affect them if their head has a higher level than your bullet. Boring.

  2. I would have rather had this for buying the Gold edition of Far Cry 5 then those 3 random mini-DLC. I can't justify spending $49.99 CDN for something we should be getting free (if you purchased Gold edition of 5). If not at least $20-$25

  3. So something that is concerning me is the stealth mechanics when rpg elements are involved. Does this mean you wont be able to one shot enemies with a headshot from stealth because the enemy level is too high? Even though the enemies have no helmets? I'm really worried that the only reason they added "rpg elements" was to monetize this game by selling strong gear that shouldve been in the game to begin with.

  4. It's not trying to play serious
    I thought this gonna be an epic but i guess they want you to just farting around what huge disappointment i mean look at it has a sniper grandma
    really Ubisoft ?!

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