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  1. Good review, people were real negative about this game, it does have its problems and some times it can be very frustrating but I have to say that I absolutely loved the game. Great story, a lot of missions, good voice actors, very interactive and very well written. The worst thing in this game I have to say it's combat, not because it's cringy, but because in the beginning of the game it's just impossible, you have to run from everything. But great game overall I quite enjoyed it.

  2. It's wonky and has a quite few bugs, but atleast it has tons of content. And all that content is connected in some way. Everything has a purpose.
    I am sick of that Microtransaction filled Eye candy bullshit EA and Co. are releasing these days. I hate to pay 60 bucks for a game that maybe looks good, but thats it. Games like Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  3. It gives u endless choice but u die if u don't do the one choice they really want u to do…I tried to explore with a pipe and no armor and nope u die one hit so I reloaded my save and just followed the guy back to camp. Any hints or advice? I just started, Just followed dude back to berserker camp. Scared to level up bc I don't wanna have a crappy play.
    Who do I join to shoot guns?

  4. It took me over a year to finish this game, 1 hour of dying in one hit by the weakest enemies over and over again, 11 months 29 days and 23 hours of waiting to see if PB was gunna release an enemy nerfing patch. 30 hours of glitch exploitation to reach the end of the game after I realized PB had no intention of releasing any patches of any kind

  5. Great story, annoying gameplay that’s very dated…. if only the makers of mass effect andromeda had of canceled their crap game and used their A+ physics engine on this game youed have a runner up for game of the year.

  6. god DAMN this review is so much better than IGN's. I'm not typically an IGN hater really, but they totally missed the point and the charm of this game. And Karak saw it no problem. Bravo, I say.

  7. Sounds almost identical story wise kinda to a game called Seven: The Days Long Gone. Except Seven is an isometric, open world, sci-fi stealth RPG. Great game

  8. – 1 hour in and " how do I fight? Is it broken?"
    – 5 hours in and " mmm… I can defeat the weirdest enemy, maybe ….I can …"
    – 10 hours in and " … I see where this going "
    – 15 hours in and " this new sword is a game changer. Has any weapon its animation set ? Cool !! "
    – 20 hours in and " Everything has a purpose! Loving it!! "

    Of course I knew (unlike most critics) I had to avoid and run from too powerful monsters early on. This saved me the unnecessary frustration so many people seem to find.

    The games wants to be accessible but never easy or compromising. Loving it

  9. Been alittle over a year since this game came out just bought it for 15 bucks i think this game even though it looks rough still looks like a good time to be had.

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