Bitcoin Explodes!!! Lightning Network FASTER than Visa! Litecoin Privacy | Yellow Vests | Crypto Mom

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#Bitcoin explodes! Lightning Network not only faster that Visa but “days faster” when it comes to on-boarding merchants! $BTC hashrate 3 month high, $LTC privacy, Yellow Vests burn fiat, University of Geneva crypto courses, and more!

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0:11 Markets 🚀
1:58 Litecoin (LTC) pumps:
4:04 Bitcoin transactions up:
4:51 Jameson Lopp article:
5:34 Bitcoin hashrate:
8:28 Matt Corallo:
10:52 Lightning Network vs Apple Pay:
15:38 dApps up:
16:09 Crypto Mom:
16:57 Yellow Vests:
18:03 Crypto Canary:
19:19 Abra x XRP:
20:02 Switcheo (SWTH) new look:
20:34 ICON (ICX) x DLT Governance:
21:13 Korea’s stance on crypto:
22:05 Binance (BNB) Dex:
26:27 Fake Bakkt site:
26:39 Winklevoss vs Shfrem:
27:18 Crypto courses:
28:11 6 Reasons to Get Paid In Crypto:
28:22 MUST READ:
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Bakkt SCAM!!! Bitcoin ETF Leaked Docs! Mt. Gox 2.0? The “Fake Death Mafia!” Binance x Ripple?

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  1. I was talking about bitcoin one night at my pub that i dj at and to make a point i threw my fiat that was in my pocket into the trash can behind the bar.

  2. I'm sorry but I have to say, I have no idea why you're shilling so hard for LN. Perhaps you don't realize you are cheerleading a system to subvert bitcoin / crypto. Here's why…

    In theory, you can load bitcoin onto the LN, but for mainstream adoption, no one is going to do that; buy bitcoin and then choose a LN node to load.

    No, to get mainstream adoption, companies will issue apps that convert fiat directly into "bitcoin" already loaded onto LN nodes. These same companies will require KYC, because the world is full of Yes men, happy to comply. So how is this any different to fiat, open to all sorts of corruption, including fake supply.

    In turn, when such corruption is exposed, mainstream's idea of what bitcoin is (LN nodes) will taint the whole crypto space as illegitimate.

    I'm pro crypto but I think it's only fair people also understand the risks. Remember, not your keys…

  3. Everything but bitcoin is a shitcoin don't be stupid @crypto Zombie. There has to be 10 coins in the top 10, just by being in the top 10 it doesn't negate the shit that is shitcoins.

  4. 26:17 I think you almost shed a tear, lol
    Don't forget, We'll have a massive rally (and) a massive pull back before the bear run is over. Hopefully this run brings us above 4300 and settles around maybe 4000. Then challenges 6k. Then from that pull back I'd be looking for positions. Unless it drops below 2k then I'll be like everyone else and selling the house.

  5. Everyone is so exited about the lighting network that no one knows how to use it 😀 I know I can't, and non of my friedns know and we are in crypto for 3 years already. Do you need a lightning wallet for it? Can you use it to send bitcoin to someone who doesn't use a lightning network? Can you send coins to exchange using lightning? Who can really answer those questions? Yeah that is how excited we all are about lighting network. All we know is that it exists.

  6. When setting up interviews you should take into account the two types of miners, asic and gpu, cause there is a difference in the goals, phychology and behavior

  7. Merchants are the second half of the transaction. Yeah if the merchant wants to use that cash then he she would need to wait 3 days. Nobody cares about a sec. difference. But days?

  8. I can see the endorphin rising, in your face and you trying to control your excitement…. so Cool…. i lost this feeling a long while back….
    Volume and fundamentals tell me this might be the most awesome bear trap ever…
    yes you read that right BEAR trap….
    Will have to wait and see…
    Ps: if you bought low, take at least 10%-20% profits off the table just incase it dips again….
    Cheers fellow Cryptoppl

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