Death of CEO sends bitcoin exchange into chaos

Clients of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, are panicking over $250 million in frozen assents after the death of the company’s CEO, Gerald Cotten.

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  1. Yeah right.."dead"! There's no way. Another exit scam 😄 better move to the Nauticus Exchange! They're doing great and their NTS token is holding strong during the bear market! They are soon launching with 7FIAT currencies and over 100 cryptocurrencies!

  2. He just bought new passport and ID, and moved to far far land in South East Asia. He's now a big shot foreign investors there. Buying lands, opening his new business funded with his new "crypto" coins called bittercoin.

  3. Do crypto currency was under attack from the dollar bill. They didn’t like the fact that crypto currency was heading in that direction . He died because of one reason . Amazon. Bitcoin would have turned out to be the amazon of currency. Period . And who doesn’t want that to happen? So two things may have happen . He got scared , locked the money and ran , or two he was murdered and took it to the grave . I knew this was going to happen. I fuckjng knew it.

  4. He was murdered by the international cabal of Jews that control every centralized bank in currency in the world. They can't have someone come along and show that you don't have to be a debt slave to people like the Rothschilds. With trillions at stake, they killed him.

  5. this isn't an episode of Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" … It's an episode of P. T. Barnum's "There's One Born Every Minute."     We'll believe he's dead when we see his head on a pike … and the law requires defending the company owners rather than the customer's money, when it's the owners that didn't foresee this "exit scam" coming?

  6. Look, working with people in cyber-currency for fun – Let's  ask the philosophical question :  What exactly is "Crypto-currency" anyway? Or a more funny on that thought is, what exactly is "currency" of a particular country/nation, anyways? We all saw that Bruce Willis movie, where that nerd guy calls it a "fire sale" … i.e. "Everything must go"…  Given that… (Wait – Somebody at the door… Ahhhh!…)

  7. Glad I was skeptical of investing in bitcoin. I'm not fond of investing money in anything but a solid business, gold, property, and a personal home farm.

  8. Wow an underground designed crypto currency that captivated naive people who threw their money into it and can’t get it out…..who would’ve thought…..

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