When Will Bitcoin Go ABOVE 20,000?

When is the most likely time for bitcoin to go above its previous highs near 20K? We look at what the charts are telling us.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


  1. Very hard for bitcoin to follow the past years path simply because it depends on adoption. 2018 was the worst year of bitcoin. Many ruined their lives because of it. When i say many, it is alot. This scar will slow down the demand for crypto. I don't see a bull market for the next 5 years. Crypto will float between 2k-4k for years. This bear market is the longest and the most damaging in crypto history. It's going to take time before investors comeback.

  2. Blockstream was brought to you by the big orgs and such other lizardmen. The biggest whales have yet to be seen and if you dont think bitcoin is subverted by the filthy rich yet feel free to belive the whole financial system isn't upheld by the misinformed and clueless NPCs that believe everything the wolf in the bank and MSM tells them. Good day.

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  4. @Bitcoinshit guys: Just accept it: YOU ARE LOOSERS!!! BTC suck shit and will go down to zero because nobody wants to make you rich! You stupid!

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  6. What a bullshit video….basically you are trying to use historical data on a volatile market which nobody can predict. Those two lines look lame and have now fundamentals whatsoever. Now, I have BTC and I hope you are right but your video was just crap. Clickbait and bs.

  7. I totally agree. I made a similar analysis with monthly chart in logaritmic scale.
    I predict that:
    1. the bottom will be in june/july 2019.
    2. The 20.000 high will be in mars/april/may 2021
    3. And in december 2021 the price will hit 360.000 $ .!!!
    Hope and pray for this to happens.

  8. market opinion is no one is using bitcoin, actual percentages of people using bitcoin in U.S., is only about 13 percentages! no one cares about bitcoin, each country has their own blockchain and future of cryptos will be backed by gold sliver real estate etc….. I say it will drop below 3000USD to 2700usd !

  9. Since there are btc futures out, BTC could suffer the same fate as gold and silver. that would mean sideways movement until the dollar breaks??

  10. Charts? Seriously? Looking at charts is not going to help you at all to predict the future. Charts in this case are no different than looking at bird entrails. I guess you are too young to remember the Internet bubble at the end of the 90s. There were tons of people like you who were anticipating stock values looking at chart all to make a buck. 99.999% of them were wrong and lost their shirts. No one knows where bitcoin will go. Time is your only ally here. But in general, unless bitcoin gets a better at being useful as opposed to just being an investment platform, it will lose its appeal as a store of value and will zero itself out, especially if an alternative with regulated exchanges that people can trust comes out. As long as two Jerks with overinflated egos can fork the bitcoin blockchain or fly by night exchanges fail (here is the latest https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/05/tech/quadriga-gerald-cotten-cryptocurrency/index.html ) bitcoin will just keep getting a worse reputation and will be marginalized into irrelevance.

  11. It is just a matter of time before the “big players,” such as Wall Street hotshots and household names in legacy industries, make a viable foray into this industry, whether it be through Bakkt, a Bitcoin-backed ETF, Fidelity’s custody offering, or similar ventures, platforms, and services.

    Crypto/Blockchain has reached the point of critical mass…..“the point of no return,” whereas it is impossible for this paradigm-shifting innovation to not make a notable impact. Crypto may not fully replace traditional fiat, this technology will change them fundamentally, allowing for more equality and access, globally.

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