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COINS 4 CLOTHES | Expands Their Bitcoin Cash Clothing Charity Across Canada
Coins 4 Clothes allows anyone to start earning Bitcoin Cash for gently used or new clothing donations in 12 different cities with the new Donor Rewards Program.


HONEST CASH | Partners with
The partnership aims to strengthen the Honest Cash and Bitbacker user base by providing individuals with the means to crowdfund projects, while being incentivized with BCH for sharing unique content.

LINK: | New Payment Button for Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Soupernerd announced the pre-release and testing phase of a new BCH-powered payment button.


BADGER WALLET | Simple Ledger Tokens Enabled
Tokens have been enabled on the Badger Wallet, allowing users to start using Tokens within their Firefox or Chrome browser.

LINK: | Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer has launched a Bitcoin Cash block explorer allowing users to search for transaction hashes, blocks and addresses on the BCH blockchain.

CASHGAMES | Get 10$ in BCH for Posting your Bitcoin Cash Video on Twitter is giving away $10 in BCH for posting a video of yourself sending Bitcoin Cash to the Cash Games.

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  1. So excited about the BCH powered stackoverflow!

    Regarding a name for avalanche confirmation: how about "the transaction/payment was accepted"

  2. Soft Confirmation, FastConf, Done Deal :-), validated, cleared, set in stone :-), checked, firmed, block ready, blockSet, pre checked, Satoshi approved :-), inb4, Single Spent, Block Approved, TxAccepted, accepted, real deal :-), not fake, not faketoshies, lol. Great Show 🙂

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